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W E L C O M E T O H E L P O U R C L I E N T S A C H I E V E E M O T I O N A L A N D P S Y C H O L O G I C A L C A R E JUNO COUNSELING CENTER M I S S I O N We aim to alleviate and prevent suffering by cultivating human strengths and acting as advocates for the vulnerable. SERVICES OFFERED I N D I V I D U A L T H E R A P Y It can help you get unstuck and begin to live a full life again. You don't need to hurt meaninglessly or alone. C O U P L E S T H E R A P Y Learn to improve communication and understand each other better and resolve your conflicts so you can move forward and be happy. F A M I L Y T H E R A P Y Sometimes we need an objective party to help us sort out family concerns. It can help you get to the root of the problem and find constructive solutions. 561-316-7738 Thank you!

Do you ever feel fragmented or like only part of you is showing up every day? If you’re tired of feeling like you’re stuck in tar or like you don’t know yourself anymore, Juno Counseling Center can help! To talk with us, dial 561-316-7738.

About Juno Counseling Center

Juno Counseling Center provides effective, tailored psychotherapy to help you find relief and achieve well-being in a relaxing and accepting setting. For more information call us at 561-316-7738.

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