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Mobimatic A Product of hard work, countless hours, failures, crashes, setbacks, hacks, malicious competitor attacks.... Mobimatic is A Visual Mobile App Design Platform, That Lets anyone build High- Performance, High Grade, Mobile Apps in 3 Very Easy Steps Mobimatic Overview Homepage: Mobimatic Official Site Mobimatic: Mobimatic Type of Product: Software-Apps Authors: SIMON WARNER & Dr. Ope Banwo & Jon Bowtell & Ifiok Nkem Target niche: Programmatically Marketing, A Visual Mobile App Design Platform, That Lets anyone build High-Performance, High Grade, Mobile Apps in 3 Very Easy Steps Drag, Drop and Publish! Official Price: $197 Special Discount: 25%-OFF HERE! (It's very limited!) Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below: o GIANT Bonuses Pack 1 o SPECIAL Bonuses Pack 2 o ULTIMATE Bonuses Pack 3 o HUGE Bonuses Pack 4 o MEGA Bonuses Pack 5 What Is Mobimatic? I just stumbled upon this right now. It is a powerful software that build apps in just 5 mins. With this software, you will never have to - Write Any Codes - Do Any Technical Stuff - Pay Outsourcers And you can do use this for any business or marketing app Be it for e-commerce, affiliate, or local business. So I suggest you get grab your copy right now by before the price increases Peter Calls This App Builder "total kill" I have never seen an app builder that works like this before - Create Apps In 5 Mins - Has The Ability To Do Push Notifications - No Need To be AN Expert - No Need For Codings Wow. And I thought I was the only one who was swept off my feet Until I saw Peter Cutts comments He calls it "total kill" And he is a known expert in building mobile apps for companies And he is not the only one who thinks so. Mobimatic is A Visual Mobile App Design Platform, That Lets anyone build High- Performance, High Grade, Mobile Apps in 3 Very Easy Steps Drag, Drop and Publish! See more awesome reviews about this software below How Does Mobimatic Work? Special Features of Mobimatic: See how well they shape up to the competition with their bucket list of awesome features: Custom splash screens Readymade backgrounds and Icons or yours Robust Content Management System Add unlimited content pages Go viral with social share (CMS) Add Facebook feeds Add Instagram albums and Picasso gallery Add youtube channels and Vimeo Add Picasso gallery Add Photo and video gallery Add iTunes store and podcast Contest & Social Gaming Social wall for comments mCommerce to sell online and receive payments Integrate with your Shopify store Integrate with your Magento store Integrate with your Woocomerce store Integrate with your Prestashop store Add RSS Feeds, Amazon and clickbank affiliate Add content restrictions and VIP memberships Add your wordpress blog to your app Build unlimited custom forms Bookings for appointments, food, places, etc 1 click Admob monetization Loyalty cards and discounts QR reader, QR coupons, etc GEO locations, Maps & Geo Push Translator - build apps for global clients Click to call, contact us, email Unlimited Push notifications & in-app messages White label admin area & App previewer App analytics & auto app updates Each Mobile App You Build Has Its Own Unique Admin Dashboard It is from this dashboard that you or the owner of the app will admin and manage the app. To make it super-easy to find and manage, each app you build and sell will have it's own unique admin panel, enabling you to keep an eye on your overall operations with just one glance. Here's Some of The Wonderfull Apps You Will Be able to Build with The Mobimatic Platform: Build Wordpress Apps Affiliate Apps Membership Apps Audio/Video Live Streaming Apps eBooking Apps Niche Specific Apps Bar and Club APPs Hotels and restaurant Apps Gym and Fitness Apps Music Apps Religion Apps eLearning Apps Community Apps Local Business Apps And Much More Just Like ALL Of their Launches, You Will also Be Receiving Massive Value And Top Notch Support. How It Works: Using Just a Quick and Easy 3 Step Routine Step 01 Build Everything you need to build an awesome mobile app for any type of business is done with simply a drag and a drop. There are a multitude of different features that you can quickly and easily drag and drop in. Step 02 Configure With Mobimatic's WYSIWYG builder,you can see EXACTLY what your app is going to look like as you're working on it And EXACTLY what it's going to look like when it's finished. Every element comes with an easy-to-use adjustment panel, so you can configure it in any way you want. Make a couple of tweaks, and be done in seconds. Step 03 - Click Build & Download Your App Preview your app on the app previewer and as soon as you love what you see, simply click the BUILD button... and the Mobimatic wizard will do the magic. For Android apps, you can get instant submission to the Play Store. For iOS, your apps your apps will be on the app store the second they're approved. (And they will support you in this process!) Who Should Use Mobimatic? You Can Build Mobile Apps For Any Business Stores and Retail Chains Car Dealerships Video Rentals Auto Repair Shops Service Contractors Restaurants, Bars & Hotels Night Clubs Bars Hotels Gyms, Health & Fitness Sports Clubs Dentists Spas Doctors Surgeries Marketers, Coaches & Services Financial Industries Media Organizations TV Channels Radio Stations DJs and Entertainers Social, Community & Religious Organizations Schools Local Governments And these are JUST examples The opportunities are ENDLESS. And So Are Your Profits Why Should You Get Mobimatic Now? You already know that you'll have a huge client pool - because every business needs an app. It's just that most businesses think they're out of their reach. Just think how happy your clients will be when you tell them you can have them their perfect app built and delivered to them within just a few days. They'll actually be enthusiastic to hand over their money - knowing they're getting something they want and need so much. Imagine how grateful they'll be to you How quickly that word of mouth will spread And how quickly you will have clients clamouring over themselves to hand over their money to you to make their much needed apps in no time at all. All thanks to Mobimatic! Let's hear what others have to say about Mobimatic Start making apps in less than 10 minutes And get your own app-selling cash machine up and running right away. For just a one.time.fee. This is a seriously unique opportunity - No other software out there that enables you to do this for a one-time fee. You'll be able to profit from your apps forever, and grow and build your business. Without paying a single cent ever again. Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Your wallet and your family will thank you. Just imagine how proud they will be of you when you sell your first app And you add $500 - $3000 to your family fund. And just imagine how happy you'll be when those sales keep on coming Not to mention the extra monthly maintenance fees you can add on top! (For those extra mini-vacations or an extra round of golf!) I know you get loads of so called 'make money online' offers land in your inbox every day - But don't let this put you off the very real opportunity to have a real, scaleable business that business owners are crying out for. Just imagine, in less than one day from now you can be up and running with your very own mobile app business. A proven business. (And remember - you're the boss!) And now after revealing all the features inside Mobimatic, they are not about to stop there. They are including a very valuable bonus, designed to enhance your result with Mobimatic. Exclusive Bonuses From Mobimatic 20 Ready Made & 'Done For You' App Themes You will have access to more than 20 ready to go app templates you can use to make your apps in an instant. The functionality in most similar niche apps are VERY similar - and only the branding, images and how the elements are arranged are usually different. This means that using templates makes your life a breeze and MASSIVELY speeds up the time it will you to produce your apps. Meaning you get them done even quicker and get to spend more time spending the money you've earned from your apps with the people that mean the most to you. Time is money and with these included templates, you can easily setup an app in less than the time it normally takes to make breakfast. Pokemon Go GEO Push They call this 'the Pokemon Go' inspired Push Notification. Unless you've been living under a rock, then you'll know the massive impact that the technology behind Pokemon Go has made. Absolutely nothing comes close to this feature when it's time to drive traffic to local businesses. With this feature, you can set push notification to be activated whenever your user is within a radius of a set location. E.g A multi chain restaurant can tag all their locations and whenever a app user is close to any of those locations, that user will receive in-app message or push notifications to come in and eat for a discount. Local businesses will go CRAZY about this one because of the results it gets And they will pay you a MASSIVE PREMIUM to set this up for them. Just in case you do get stuck at any point They are also including their Premium Support package with this exclusive Launch Offer And have tons of easy to follow training to support you on your Mobimatic journey Every step of the way. Weekly Webinar Coaching They're going to take you by the hand and show you EXACTLY how to use the software for maximum benefit. They'll stay on the call until EVERY question is answered, and break down in simple steps how you can use Mobimatic for maximum results. Mobimatic Academy You will have access to their video tutorial library loaded with over all the tutorials you need to learn how to use all the features on the platform step by step. With these simplified videos even a complete rookie can build any type of enterprise app in a snap. You watch, pause, rewind at your own pace. Mobimatic Business Development Forum You will be added to our dedicated Facebook and WhatsApp mastermind groups where you will have the opportunity to meet, network and build alliance with other Mobimatic app developers. This is how you'll connect with future partners, be able to get instant review any time of day, get new ideas and be inspired by the ventures of other Mobimatic entrepreneurs like yourself. Rock Solid 24/7 Support Their dedicated support team is here to help you 24/7, to answer questions or solve any unexpected issues you may encounter (Email Ticket, Live Chat). And they listen to their customers. Mobimatic has a plethora of incredible features, but if you do think of an app or feature request you don't see available, just get in touch and they'll do everything they can to make it happen for you! Conclusion You already know that Mobimatic is going to enable you to make stunning, quality apps, quickly, easily and with simply a drag n a drop and sell them to a limitless number of businesses who are willing to hand over $500 - $3000 a time. The possibilities are endless, the opportunity real and the amount of apps you can create = unlimitedand this means so are your profits Do not miss out. 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