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Where Are the Creative People? It occurs to me there is a great divide, an 'us' and 'them' scenario, taking place whenever we talk about 'National Geographic - Carl Kruse'. By labeling certain people as 'creative' we're in fact excluding others. In the forums , that many people will be more creative as opposed to runners, so we must be very glad of that, nevertheless, you that creative people, of all types and skills, are available everywhere. Actually they're on all levels of your business and also the sad thing is more often than not that you do not be aware of they're there. And also, since business leaders often have a narrow view of who the 'creatives' actually are, they may not be capable to fully attain creative potential and wisdom of their organization. I don't know about yourself, but I've sat in numerous brainstorming sessions and production meetings and also have for ages been amazed at the frequency of which the meek, mild, quiet an associate the corner, who's not considered area of the creative team, will be the person who arises with all the killer idea, or adds a totally new twist to the conversation. Therefore the 'us' and 'them' thing basically depends upon our view of who a creative individual is. My view is always that an imaginative individual is someone that thinks differently. To be creative is to create. Even tho it's a new idea, a new product or possibly a new idea. Be resourceful is approximately thinking and doing differently. It is more about being unique, seeing the planet from various perspectives, challenging standard and seeking possibilities. And this is true that by their very nature creative people think and behave differently, that they are motivated by something more important, and that it needs a unique group of leadership skills to nurture, direct and manage them. But that shouldn't exclude the reality that creative people originate from all degrees of a company, coming from all parts of society, and all industry sectors. And then we need to broaden our check out who they may be and where they may be found and that we need stop thinking of creative people as people in the corner with ponytails. I am just not to imply don't respect, exclude or sack your creative team, faraway from it, because you need them. A few things i am saying is be careful about limiting your perception of who's and isn't creative. Of course, if creativity is centered on finding new possibilities, then ironically, by limiting your check out who 'creative people' are, you enter fact limiting your possibilities and finally not being very creative.


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