Basics of Guitar Lessons: Tips for Guitar Beginners

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Terms used for the different Parts of the Guitar

●     The basics of guitar lessons start by deciphering the various parts of the instrument.

●     One should acquaint themselves with the common terms used to denote parts of the guitar.

●     Terms such as headstock, fretboard/fingerboard, frets, neck, body among others.


How to hold a Guitar

●     Try and hold the guitar in a sitting position first rather than standing.

●     Holding (also playing) a guitar with ease often depends on the dominant hand.

●     Practice holding it so that when you start learning it, holding a guitar won’t make you feel uneasy.


What is Strumming and Picking?

●     Strumming and picking are the most common ways of playing the instrument.

●     When you swing your pick or thumb across two or more strings is strumming.

●     When you use a finger, thumb, or a pick to strike a single string at a time is picking.


Helpful tips for Guitar Amateurs

●     Spend some time watching videos of great guitar players.

●     Keep your ears open to different styles of guitar playing.

●     Familiarize yourself with well-known rhythm as well as lead guitarists.

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