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Japan Airlines Reservations MAKE A NEW STORY IN KONA CITY THROUGH JAPAN AIRLINES RESERVATIONS 18779260222 Make a new story in Kona City through Japan Airlines Reservations On the west coast of the island of Hawaii, the beautiful Kona City Resides. It is jam-packed with stunning natural wonders and every adventure activity you can think of. The year- round sunny weather means that there is a great emphasis on watersports. You can enjoy unsurpassed adventures with your loved ones. The city Kona offers a variety of places to explore, including some of Kona’s most incredible natural wonders and historic sites. No other place gives you a place to swim with waves and fishes, National parks and whale watch, all on the same city. No other city offers so many cultural treasures in so many varying environments. With so much ground to cover, you’ll see why it is known as Kona, “the place of adventure.” So what are you waiting for? Make your plan to see the beauty of Kona through Japan Airlines Reservations. Get exclusive offers and deals on your booking. Read on the blog to know about the sites you can explore: Learn about the culture at Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park • Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park is one of the historical and beautiful park. You can see ahupuaa (mountain to sea land divisions), several sacred temples, and some very old petroglyphs. You can marvel at the advanced engineering skills that enabled these settlers to construct Hawaiian fish ponds and then you can relax along the beach, where you may be lucky enough to see a sea turtle or monk seal. You may be lucky enough to see a sea turtle or monk seal. The park is located just south of Kona Airport. 4 Spend some of your leisure time at Keauhou Bay Keauhou Bay is situated by short drive south of Kailua Village. It is another Kona’s cultural areas, formerly been a favorite vacation destination for Hawaiian royalty. You can also take a cultural tour of all the historical sites, including several restored temples. A highlight of any visit to the Keauhou coastline is the opportunity to swim and snorkel with the many giant manta rays that are attracted close to the shore to feed on microscopic plankton at night. During the day you can enjoy snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaking or try your hand at fishing with the locals. Experience the lap of nature at this place and visit Kona City through Japan Airlines. 5 See the natural world of Kona at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden • Situated just off the Hamakua Coast Scenic Drive, the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden has more than 2,000 species of tropical plants. The garden attracts tourists, botanists, and photographers. It is devoted to preserve and study tropical flora. This garden is filled with wandering paths that explore this secluded valley. There is also a tall 500-foot walkway that overlooks a ravine and its many plants. The garden's Palm Vista is recognized for its collection of more than 200 species of palms from all over the world. To see the natural wonder in Kona City, plan your journey through Japan Airlines Reservations. 6 Swim with interactive fishes at Hapuna Beach State Park 7  Hapuna Beach is said to be one of the lovely beaches in the country, known for its soft white sand and ample facilities.. Tourists and locals come here for sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming, and of course some of the world's best surfing. There are also concessions and picnic shelters, as well as screened shelters for overnight stays with access to electricity, refrigeration, and showers. The park also has massive hiking trails, which offer amazing views along the coast.  These are the top things to explore. Apart from these places, Kona City offers so many wonderful places to discover. So get ready to discover enthusiastic places with your loved ones. Make your journey through Japan Airlines and get surprising offers on your booking. Thank You  Japan Airlines Reservations  +1 877-926-0222  

If you are having a strong desire to wander a beautiful place, make sure you discover Kona City This time. For your journey plan through Japan Airlines Reservations.        

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