6 Fun and unique alcoholic drinks with recipes

Apr 4, 2018 | Publisher: Urban8food | Category: Food & Dining |   | Views: 5 | Likes: 2

The changes in the food industry in the 20th century has changed what's on the dinner table from what was available, to whatever we want, within reason. As we have fun with our food, why not have fun with our beverages as well? Especially our alcoholic ones? So much of entertaining and spending time with friends and family revolves around food and drinks. Next time you're hanging with friends or spending time with family, consider mixing up some fun beverages to get the party started right. If you are already in the party mindset, and looking for some interesting new drinks, try a mixed drink mash-up. Here's a list of our six favorite alcohol-food mashups that we're sure you'll love: The White Russian Smoothie The Choco Mint Martini The Salted Caramel Bourbon Shake The Coffee Kahlua Frappe The Classic Key Lime Pie Margarita The Too Blue Blueberry Slushie

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