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Obituary - Death Linda Galliett Well, you the people have a choice; you can comply and remain in prison , or you can walk out of your front door and tell the governor you have decided the time is now, to get back to life. Think about it folks; in the fall when this returns, if you were safe at home not getting exposed, you will be exposed in the fall. The people cannot afford to shutdown again in the fall. It will devastate this country in ways, the virus won't hold a candle to. If you are fearful now and want to stay at home, do you expect to be waited on in the fall, and let others work in your stead. Thereby, risking Deaths - Obituaries : Hunter Romell Passed Away to keep you without risk? Asking for a Friend?Rustom Padilla Death - Dead : Rustom Padilla Obituary, BB Gandanghari Cause of Death Unknown Jace Prescott Death - Dead : Jace Prescott Obituary, Cause of Death Not Coronavirus Justin J. Wheeler Death - Dead : Justin J. Wheeler Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Matthew Swegles Death - Dead : Matthew Swegles Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Josh Kovner Death - Dead : Josh Kovner Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Steve Hardy Death - Dead : Steve Hardy Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Missing Chilliwack man David McCullum is believed to be armed and should not be approached. Deaths-Dead / Obituaries : Brandon Sullivan of Colorado may have passed away. Damn Daniel Deaths-Dead / Obituaries : Damn Daniel may have passed away Oriana Reyes Death - Dead : Oriana Reyes Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Jeff Mcclaskey Death - Dead : Jeff Mcclaskey Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Joe Suboticki Death - Dead : Joe Suboticki Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Jerry Bishop Death - Dead : Jerry Bishop Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Jonathan Taylor Thomas Death - Dead : Jonathan Taylor Thomas Obituary, Cause of Death Unknown Eric Pracht Death - Dead : Eric Pracht Obituary, Body of Missing Lakewood Colorado Man Found. keizo-yamada-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ hamid-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ murphy-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ colorado-may-have-passed-away/ cameroonian-doctor-tanguy-de-dieu-tchantchou-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ passed-away/ death-unknown/ death-unknown/ of-death-unknown/ of-death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ of-death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ lakewood-colorado-man-found/ "> pracht-obituary-body-of-missing-lakewood-colorado-man-found/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ of-death-unknown/ blum-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ unknown/ archbishop-ryan-high-school/ unknown/ unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ death-not-coronavirus/ death-unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ death-unknown/ unknown/ unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ of-death-unknown/ in-the-13200-block-of-south-rhodes/ cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ mike-mantlo-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown-2/ armed-and-should-not-be-approached/ whiteside-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ death-unknown/ of-death-unknown/ obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ death-unknown/ death-unknown/ death-unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ michael-ohara-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ unknown/ gandanghari-cause-of-death-unknown/ marsh-wellness-center-in-minnetonka/ death-unknown/ unknown/ cause-of-death-unknown/ johnson-obituary-cause-of-death-unknown/ death-unknown/ Lea Theodore Good for her! Public health is a priority, and she is keeping her state safe. As Cuomo stated, if you can't take the political heat, stay out of the political kitchen. Obituaries : Jace Prescott Cause of Death May not be Related to Coronavirus. has my utmost respect. Lynne Meli The only reason this corrupt governor gave back what she took from us on April 10 is because she got caught on Monday with the illegal way of hiring that democratic tracing company. The only thing she cares about is getting the VP nod from Biden. Kim Price Funny she changed all the issues that court cases filed against her were going to be court. Must have decided she better before the judge made her. Brian Morrell Smart move for everyone. Extend to YNW Melly DEATH : Stabbed in Jail , but relaxing some of the restrictions. Good way to get started with the reopening. Be smart and come back strong Michigan! Corey Waddell If you are from Michigan and believe that your governor is doing the right thing, than you are just one of the sheep being led to slaughter. This is exactly what the Democrats want to do, control everything and everybody. She is tyrannical and just as bad as governor Northam from Virginia. Wake up Jace Prescott Death - Dead : Jace Prescott Obituary, Cause of Death Not Coronavirus , the Democrats agenda goes much deeper than covid-19, the virus is just the beginning of what will follow.

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