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Jun 29, 2011 | Publisher: StuartScott-Goldstone | Category: Business & Jobs | Price menu of legal advice and assistance for Northern StartUp 2.0 members The service proposition A comprehensive legal advice and assistance package for early stage and growing businesses at discounted rates. Service Level Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Category of business Note Turnover up to: 50,000 250,000 500,000 2,000,000 No. of employees up to: 3 5 8 15 General Packaged Advice Legal helpline 1 Y Y Y Y Dedicated employment helpline 2 Y Y Review meetings (2 per year) 3 Y Y Y Y Monthly discounted rate (excluding VAT) 4 50 60 100 125 Specific Assistance 4 Corporate Shareholders Agreement / Articles of Association 5 500 500 750 750 Share Option Scheme 6 1000 1500 1500 2000 IPR Transfer Deed 7 free 150 250 250 Commercial Terms and Conditions of Business 8 250 250 500 750 Software Development Agreement 9 500 500 750 750 Consultancy Agreement 10 250 250 250 250 Review Tenancy Agreement / Lease 11 free 125 250 250 Review Sales Contract 12 free 125 250 250 Employment Terms and Conditions of Employment 13 500 500 750 950 Executive Employment Contracts 14 500 600 750 950 Other matters at 25% discounted hourly rate 15 1 LEGAL HELPLINE A telephone based service intended to provide advice on a range of general commercial legal matters. It is not intended to be a means of resolving or concluding complex or lengthy disputes, transactions or negotiations for which a separate and specific engagement of our services would be required. 2 EMPLOYMENT HELPLINE A dedicated telephone based service provided by employment law experts on the full range of matters relevant to the employer/employee relationship. It is not intended to be a means of resolving or concluding complex or lengthy disputes or negotiations for which a separate and specific engagement of our services would be required. 3 REVIEW MEETINGS One of our senior lawyers will meet with you twice a year to discuss the plans for your growing business and provide both legal and strategic input. 4 TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT / PAYMENT Our services will be subject to the terms of our engagement letter and terms of business. The arrangements will commence when this is agreed by you countersigning our engagement letter. All prices quoted exclude VAT which will be charged at 15% up to 31 December 2009, and 17.5% thereafter. Our general packaged services must be paid for by monthly standing order and specific assistance must be paid 50% on commencement of work with the balance on completion of our work. This reduces the administration cost to us and helps us deliver lower fee packages. All prices quoted assume no unusual or complex requirements or circumstances apply to the matter in question. 5 SHAREHOLDERS AGREEMENT / ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION After your completion of our checklist, documentation would be put in place to regulate the affairs of the business, including its financing, management and shareholder structure. 6 SHARE OPTION SCHEME A special tax advantaged employee share option scheme, known as an Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) Plan is available to small businesses. The price stated covers preparation of the legal documentation required and a Q&A session with the proposed option holders. It is assumed you or your accountant will agree any share valuations required with HM Revenue & Customs. 7 IPR TRANSFER DEED This helps to ensure all intellectual property rights (IPR), i.e. copyright, trade marks, patents etc., are held by the company going forward and not the individual directors/shareholders. Registration of transfer of ownership may also be required at the UK Intellectual Property Office. 8 TERMS & CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS After your completion of our checklist, we would prepare standard terms of sale for products or services by your business and advice on ensuring these form part of the contract between you and your customers. For the same price, we can also endeavour to do the equivalent thing for the purchases you make from your suppliers. 9 SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AGREEMENT Preparation of a contract where an external software developer is writing code for your application. 10 CONSULTANCY AGREEMENT Preparation of a simple contract where an external contractor is providing specified services to you, at an hourly/day rate and/or a fixed price. 11 REVIEW TENANCY AGREEMENT / LEASE Provide brief review of short term agreement to rent a unit within a business park, office block or industrial estate, highlighting main issues. 12 REVIEW SALES CONTRACT Provide brief review of contract received from a key customer or supplier, highlighting main issues. 13 TERMS & CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT Prepare standard terms and conditions of employment for staff including (for Gold and Platinum users only) an Employee Handbook. 14 EXECUTIVE EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS Prepare specific employment contracts for directors. 15 DISCOUNTED HOURLY RATE If additional services or advice are required, we will either endeavour to agree a fixed price or quote on the basis of our hourly rates, discounted by 25% to our normal rate for the lawyer(s) involved. 16 ANNUAL EVALUATION We aim to provide an efficient and effective service that will add value to your business. An annual review will however be carried out with an opportunity for you or us to terminate the arrangement or reconsider the service levels agreed. Notes


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