Disrupting Software - Barcamp Manchester 2016

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Barcamp Manchester 7 Disrupting (Business) Software Manoj Ranaweera 2016-09-24 Software is eating the world Innovation Sustaining Innovation ● Easier to achieve ● Better products/services ● Established customers ● Existing markets ● Live or die Disruptive Innovation ● Almost impossible to achieve inside a mature company ● A new product/service ● Start from the bottom of the market & then move upmarket ● Eventually displaces competition ● A game changer Disruptors No Taxis No inventory No real estate MarTech Landscape 2011 (#100) Business software market is growing at an exponential rate with new software entering as niche feature-lead SaaS product companies filling gaps in incumbents. 2012 (#350) 2016 (#3800) MARKETING Email marketing Social media Marketing automation Telemarketing Webinar CUSTOMER RECORDS IN MULTIPLE SOFTWARE SALES Prospecting CRM Contact enrichment Sales pipeline Telesales FINANCE Accounting Invoicing Credit control Banking Expenses PRODUCTIVITY Emails Project management Product development Design Task management CUSTOMER SUPPORT Helpdesk Ticketing Chat Contact centre The early disruptors API Economy Single Customer View Single Customer View Unified Tasks View Cashflow & Revenue Blocker Analysis Sales Pipeline View Customer Intelligence View Unified Communications View

Talk given at Manchester Barcamp 7 on 24th September 2016

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