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VERT SHOCK PDF Program, Workouts and Results Vert Shock PDF Program, Workouts Exercises and Results Vert Shock PDF Program, Workouts Exercises and Results: The Vert Shock PDF Program is a pretty interesting 3-step jump training program that can add 9 – 15 inches to your vertical jump. Adam Folker’s workouts program can take you from below the rim to dunking in about 8 weeks. Click here to download Vert Shock "Hey soon-to-be dunker, I don’t care if you’re under 6 feet tall… If you’re ‘un-athletic’… Or if you’ve already tried every type of workouts you could find on YouTube… Before you give up on your dream of throwing down rim‑shaking dunks. Let me tell you something. You can get results. And over the next few minutes, I’m going to prove it to you beyond any doubt…" Maybe you’ve heard of Justin ‘Jus Fly’ Darlington. His dunks are casually featured in Slam Magazine and Bleacher Report. He was on TNT’s hit show The Dunk King. And I’m happy to call a him a good friend of mine. Like I said, he currently holds the title as the World’s #1 highest dunker. Here’s a picture of him accepting the first-place trophy at the Nike World Dunk Contest alongside LeBron and Anthony Davis. Even though he may be considered the world’s top dunker, he wasn’t always flying around the world just to showcase his dunks. Long story short, he and I grew up together in Canada. And after using and mastering the 3 simple workouts in The Vert Shock PDF Program, which you’ll learn too in a moment, he has taken his dunks to a whole new level. When you can dunk consistently, it feels like almost anything’s possible. And I can guarantee you none of this will ever happen: ● No more stretching your shoulders out of their sockets just to swipe the net... ● No more being afraid to attack the rim in games and practices... ● No more feeling unconfident when you step foot on the court... ● No more whack tutorials and funky exercises trying to increase your vert... ● And last but not least… no more sitting on the bench when you deserve to be out on the court dunking on people Vert Shock PDF Program is a Russian workouts regimen that really produces results: 9–15 inches in under 8 weeks. Because it trains a unique subset of your muscle tissue which we call your ‘elastic fibers’. Click here to download Vert Shock And without getting into too much deep science they’re essentially the muscle fibers that turn your legs into rubber bands. When you bend your legs, tension builds up. And when you extend them it releases. It’s all very simple… The only way to increase your maximum vertical is to target and strengthen your elastic fibers. Stronger elastic fibers equal more tension which equals a higher vertical. But if you don’t train using special exercises, you end up neglecting them. That’s why you can work so hard but never see any results in your jump height. Here’s why you’ve never heard of these weird Vert Shock workouts. Let me say, if you’re skeptical, remember I was too. After all, if this Russian workout program was so effective why hadn’t anyone taught it before? Well there’s a couple reasons for that. I already told you about the so-called gurus on YouTube dishing out misinformation… The other reason? Well… The magic behind training elastic fibers was actually developed by a Russian sports scientist named Dr. Verkhoshansky in the late 1960s… It’s hard to pronounce so I just call him Dr. Vert, or Dr. V for short… Dr. V developed the ‘SHOCK’ method to give the Soviet Union an unfair advantage in the Olympic high jump. He discovered that repetitive training like squats and other ‘usual’ methods had little effect on athlete’s actual jump height. It wasn’t until he implemented workouts that targeted these elastic fibers that he noticed real results in the athlete’s vertical jump. Vert Shock PDF + Videos Program is 100% Safe Don’t let the ‘shock’ part of the title fool you, it's not only the most effective way to increase your vertical… But it’s also the safest. Because inside Vert Shock PDF + Videos Program you are not doing any heavy weight lifting – so it will not stunt your growth. Think about it, does anyone ever go up for a dunk with dumbbells? Or ankle weights, or anything like that? No. And we want to practice how we play. This program is designed to target your MAX vertical jump by activating your ‘elastic fibers’. So that means no weights or other fancy equipment. Because remember, weights alone will NOT strengthen your elastic fibers. The Vert Shock System guarantee you a dunk in the next 8 weeks… by adding 9–15+ inches to your vertical jump. Click here to download Vert Shock

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