Inner Child Workbook

Jan 11, 2020 | Publisher: Sirius-C Media | Category: Self-Help |  | Collection: The Journey to Self | Views: 6 | Likes: 1

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‘Inner Child Workbook: Recovering and Healing Your Inner Child’ within the Series ‘The Journey to Self’ is a comprehensive guide and roadmap to recovering and healing the inner child.

Experience has shown that Inner Child Recovery and Inner Child Healing are two different processes and need to be done subsequently, with the recovery process logically being before the steps taken to healing the inner child.

Hence a successful Inner Child Healing process can only build on the smart you have applied to recovering your inner child in the first place, and this can be a tricky matter, which is why a step-by-step plan is needed. Thus follow the guide through from beginning to end without skipping a page! It is important! These are the steps to take:
—Inner Child Recovery
—Mastering Your Resistance
—Getting in Touch
—Inner Child Healing (In 3 Acts)

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While having a doctoral degree in law, and was trained as an international lawyer, my interest is focused upon the humanities, education, holistic science, philosophy, and the propagation of a systemic, holistic and ecological worldview.

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