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Winning Tactics For Dispensary Pos What it's doing for you I will say that you know I believe bio track is is hands-down the best system out there and that's for a number of reasons dispensary pos one our system was built from the ground up with and with marijuana in mind marijuana tracking specifically we springboard it off of our pharmaceutical technology and we have taken great pains to listen to our clients for the last three to four years. With respect to inventory tracking issues specific to marijuana this is not the same as growing and distributing and selling Tomatoes you know there are things very particular to marijuana that you know even we have learned along the way and you know we've had to come up with a lot of insights and solutions to corner cases specific to marijuana we have in our opinion the truest manifestation of what it means to be seed to sale I you know we have. We are incredibly strong in the grow we're incredibly strong in the point-of-sale dispensary pos and in inventory management the dispensary pos robustness of the system because you can tailor the system to your operating logic your business logic you're not forced to follow the predetermined path if you will of what the developer had envisioned for you you can utilize the system it's very flexible in any manner that you see fit we have an outstanding development team and tech dispensary pos. Support team that is not only responsive but again they listen very carefully to the needs of of the end user and we are constantly iterating the software to make it more and more effective and efficient for for people to utilize and then lastly I would say just the sheer number of data that the system collects from inventory data to patient data you know. And you can utilize that data and wield that data with the very robust reporting system that it comes with and honestly security as well security we feel like in our system is second to none you know especially if you utilize the the premise based solution you know you won't have to worry about the NSA dispensary pos.


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MJ Freeway's technology includes a patented seed to sale supply chain ERP Platform which leverages sophisticated business intelligence insights. MJ Freeway Leaf Data Systems technology solution enables governments to track cannabis, prevent diversion and ensure patient, public, and product safety. MJ Freeway also offers a complete suite of consulting services for cannabis businesses.


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