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The End Of Gout PDF Book by Shelly Manning This is about The End Of Gout PDF Book by Shelly Manning. ​"I acquired Shelly Manning’s gout program just over two years ago. It’s called The End of Gout. And it did for me exactly what it says on the cover.". Click here to download The End Of Gout PDF "I no longer suffer those excruciating gout attacks. And I don’t have to cancel plans because a flare-up has left me unable to function properly. I’m so glad I made the decision to tackle gout myself. Shelly’s book gave me everything I needed to know about how and why her approach works so 1 fantastically well. She goes into some detail about your gut, its bacteria – and why scientists now realize that healing the gut heals the body.". However… you can skip all that if you want to. You can simply go straight to the program itself. And start getting healthy again. However you do it, you’ll be very happy that you did. The End of Gout – quick start plan Shelly Manning’s ‘The End of Gout’ is not only a fascinating read – it’s also refreshingly practical. Shelly gives you two simple quick-starts: Eat more of these, eat fewer of these, This simple adjustment can correct years of gout-causing errors in your eating. And you can start on this straight away – within minutes of receiving the program. The next step in The End Of Gout Shelly Manning PDF Book Program is to follow the 7-day plan. It tightens up the ‘quick start’ advice and turns it into a solid, follow-along program. The 7-day plan was the real clincher for me. 2 I am a pretty average cook – I’m competent but not at all skilled or adventurous. Turns out I didn’t need to be. The plan takes away all the thinking and gives me, for the first week, something I can simply copy. After the first 7 days I used Shelly’s advice to adapt the plan according to my own tastes. Which was pretty easy – the plan is full of options so you can try different foods and see what you like best. It’s all food you can buy in your supermarket. And it includes lots of nice stuff… the chocolate and strawberries desserts were real winners in my house! The End Of Gout Shelly Manning PDF Book isn’t a weight-loss program. So there isn’t any calorie counting or portion control. I was never hungry. Click here to download The End Of Gout PDF As a side note, I actually have now lost weight because of the plan – but that’s more to do with the fact that a healthy gut means fewer or no food cravings. Remember – it’s bad bacteria that craves the food – not you. When they’re gone they take their cravings with them. I did have a gout flare-up about 10 days after starting the program. It was noticeably milder than others. It was painful but lasted about 5 days from beginning to end. Which is significantly shorter than what I’m used to. However, what I didn’t know at that time was this… 3 that attack was the last one I would ever have. My gout didn’t announce that it had thrown in the towel. It just… stopped. I had that last attack and never had another one. I am gout-free for life. Now it’s your turn... There’s now thousands of us who no longer suffer gout because we tackled it at its cause. Instead of just tinkering with the symptoms. I’m one of them. Remember, I got gout for the same reasons you have it now. An unhealthy gut microbiome meant that bacteria that should have been removing a third of my body’s uric acid… simply wasn’t. That bacteria had diminished to the point that my kidneys were trying to deal with the acid on their own. And they couldn’t cope. Nor can yours. It wasn’t that I was suddenly producing too much uric acid. It’s that my gut was no longer able to help my kidneys remove it from my body. By following Shelly Manning’s The End Of Gout PDF Program I ate myself back to health. 4 And the transformation – from gout to no gout – almost felt like magic. You can possibly imagine it yourself.. what it would be like to simply never have any gout ever again. Take my word for it, it’s wonderful! No flare-ups, no pain, no being laid-up in bed for days waiting for the pain to subside. No wondering if some future event will be messed up because I’m laid up in agony with another attack. Just as pleasing is that I’ve also dramatically reduced my risks of suffering diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease and some cancers. The End Of Gout Shelly Manning PDF Book Program lays it all out for us. No special knowledge is required. I found it easy. 5 The End Of Gout Program works. The science behind it is solid and accepted the world over. Thousands of people like me – happy, ex-sufferers – will confirm that repairing unhealthy bacteria is the way to remedy conditions like gout… …conditions that doctors typically struggle with – and never really cure. And since there’s no doubt that you will enjoy the same results as the rest of us Shelly offers you a money-back guarantee. If, any time within 60 days of you purchasing ‘The End of Gout’, your gout hasn’t completely gone she’ll give you your money back. Simple as that. So you can afford to be good to yourself. And you can start saying goodbye to your gout right now. About Shelly Manning Shelly Manning, the author of The End Of Gout PDF Book is an accomplished natural health researcher and writer. She began her work on natural health remedies after suffering years of very painful arthritis. She discovered that where modern medicine was consistently failing to relieve a person of their suffering it was often because they didn’t really know what was causing the condition in the first place. They tackled what they could see… but the rest was a mystery. Shelly’s research took in dozens of peer-reviewed studies from universities across the world – plus personal testimonies from hundreds of arthritis sufferers. 6 She eventually became completely free of arthritis – which was not only an immense relief to her but it also drove her to share her discoveries with others so that they too would never suffer such horrible ongoing pain. Both her arthritis and her gout remedies are hugely successful today and many people have Shelly to thank for their pain-free lives. In The End Of Gout PDF Book, she laid out some simple gout truths that made perfect sense to me. First, she pointed out that doctors always tell you to eat healthily because, whether you’re ill or healthy, it’s generally sound advice. What’s more, if you go from eating and drinking a lot of junk to eating lots of good quality food then your overall health is bound to improve a little. Click here to download The End Of Gout PDF But this is where I learned a startling insight from Shelly: You can eat correctly – as your doctors tell you to. But you can also eat correctly specifically for gout. Which isn’t the same thing. Because you can eat food that specifically tackles gout head-on. Food that removes the source of gout. That ‘something that stopped working’ that we learned about earlier. And that’s a whole different ball game. This ain’t theory… 7 How this insight came about is fascinating. Scientists have long known food is a medicine. But what’s been happening since the 1980s is that scientists have steadily worked out why it’s a medicine. Shelly Manning understands the science of this inside out. What she told me was jaw-dropping. But let me give you the short version. And we’ll start with something really weird. Your gut. No, your gut’s not weird. Not in itself. But check this out. You have, it is estimated, something like 75 trillion bacteria in your gut. As she explains in The End Of Gout PDF Book, There are more bacteria in the gut than cells in the entire human body. And you’ve had them all your life. The bacteria in our gut make up what is called our ‘microbiome’. The microbiome refers to all the bacteria that live with us in our guts. It’s the community of bacteria – plus other micro-organisms – that are permanently with us. 8 There’s nothing special or unusual about the human microbiome. In fact, plenty of mammals – and some insects – also have microbiomes. They’re a fact of life. As she explains in The End Of Gout PDF Book, we humans have had our gut microbiome since the dawn of humanity. We need it. Bacteria is not always what you think it is 9 But, of course, when we hear the word ‘bacteria’ we imagine something awful. Disease. Contagion. Illness. Death. Because mostly we associate ‘bacteria’ with being very ill. They’re something to fight off the moment we get them. We buy products from our supermarket that boast how quickly and effectively they kill bacteria. But bacteria are just single-celled organisms that can be found just about anywhere. Some are dangerous. Some are highly beneficial. It depends which bacteria they are. And it depends on where they are. Those that exist within us – within our gut microbiome – are largely beneficial to us. As Shelly Manning explains in The End Of Gout PDF Book, in a healthy human being some 95% of them are responsible for a number of vital body processes that either keep us healthy… or keep us alive. Yes. They’re that important. We are, in fact, extraordinarily dependent on the health of our microbiome. So much about us on the surface – our health, our moods, our body weight – reflects what’s going on in the gut. Incredibly, scientists are now recognizing that the microbiome – our gut bacteria – is so vital to our general health that some think of it as an organ in its own right. 10 They regard it as important to our existence as the kidneys or the heart or the lungs. In fact, scientists are able to transplant the gut bacteria from a healthy person into the gut of a diseased patient in order to cure disease. Known as faecal microbiota transplants these procedures repopulate people’s unhealthy gut microbiome with healthy, thriving bacteria. Bacteria transplants… who’d have thought it? But scientists state that that’s how vital it is to keep your gut in its best shape possible. As Shelly Manning explains in The End Of Gout PDF Book, we need to maintain a health ratio of 95% friendly, life-enhancing bacteria with 5% being whatever else is there. When that ratio goes out of balance humans become vulnerable to infection, poisoning, malnourishment, and a whole range of degenerative and lifestyle disorders. It’s really hard to overstate how important our gut health is to us. Our gut health is our health A healthy microbiome – a healthy gut – is our health in many respects. Obesity is now thought of as a gut disease. Unhealthy bacteria get the upper hand in your gut and cause the kind of food cravings that most of us find so hard to resist. And gut health also affects mental health. Moods, basically. 11 As Shelly Manning explains in The End Of Gout PDF Book, scientists now believe that persistently feeling low for no apparent reason may have a bacterial explanation. So let’s be absolutely clear about this. Your gut bacteria aren’t just add-ons to your health – they are your health. In the same way that a faulty liver will cause you big problems…. Just as a weak heart will require expert attention in order to keep you alive…. Like lungs that don’t function properly or kidneys that are diseased or a lymph system that isn’t working effectively… Your gut health is vital to your overall health because your gut bacteria do things that your body itself can’t do. To be healthy we must make sure that we encourage beneficial, healthy bacteria to flourish, whilst at the same time we discourage less beneficial or harmful bacteria from doing the same. If we don’t do this then there are consequences. And gout is one of those consequences. And that’s how I got the condition myself. Poor gut health gave me gout. It’s done the same to you. But good gut health undid all that damage, making gout nothing more than a distant memory. 12 And it can do the same for you. You really can do something about your condition now. The key to a healthy gut – and a healthy body. What I learned from Shelly Manning is that if you practice ‘healthy eating’ then you may affect you gut health for the better – even if that wasn’t your intention. In other words, by eating better foods you may very well accidentally improve things a little. Unfortunately, we might also accidentally make things a little worse for our gut bacteria. Some healthy food actually isn’t so healthy for our guts. As she explains in The End Of Gout PDF Book, if we want to tackle gout once and for all we have to be clear about what helps us… and what hurts us. 13 So what Shelly does is remove the ‘accident’ aspect of healthy eating. She focuses hard on what makes out gut bacteria healthier and happier. And she ensures we don’t do ourselves any harm by ingesting too much of what harms that bacteria. And this approach works. I finally won the struggle against gout because, for the first time, I could make conscious choices about eating for gut health. Click here to download The End Of Gout PDF Here was something I could do that would directly tackle that nasty disease head-on. The End Of Gout PDF Program addressed my gout at its actual source. My microbiome flourished. And when it did, I did too. Which changed my life forever. Scientists are now clear that gut health determines whether or not you have gout. How? By comparing the microbiome profiles – the bacteria profiles – of people who have gout with the microbiome profiles of people who do not have gout. There is a clear difference. And the differences in the microbiome between gout patients and healthy people are predictable and consistent. 14 Which means that we can know whether a person has gout just by looking at their microbiome. Put plainly and simply: gout is a disease of the gut. Nothing makes more sense than this The End Of Gout by Shelly Manning (PDF Book) basically hand-held me to health. It walked me from A to Z. Which, to be honest, is pretty much what I needed it to do. She attacks the problem at it cause. And the cause is well understood. Your bacteria has depleted and isn’t helping dispose of excess uric acid. You’ve lost too much good, healthy bacteria. So repopulate your gut by feeding it properly. It honestly isn’t more complicated than this. Sometimes I can’t quite believe my gout is gone. But it is. And it won’t be back. Would you like the same for yourself? You can have it. It will only get better if you make it get better. Don’t doubt that your gut health is poor. The bacteria environment in a gout sufferer is basically sick. Friendly, life-enhancing bacteria are in retreat. And their place in your gut is being taken by that steadily increasing number of bacteria that will only do harm. Put that way, you perhaps realize that you don’t have gout at all. You actually have a diseased gut. Gout is one of a diseased gut’s many possible symptoms. 15 In time, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, kidney failure and some cancers are much more likely because of that same diseased gut. Don’t do this to yourself. Do what thousands of ex-gout sufferers have done. We took charge of our gout… by taking charge of our health. And by doing that we not only freed ourselves of that deeply unpleasant condition… We also drastically reduced the chances of catching something even worse. We know that if we don’t address disease properly things tend to get worse. Which is the last thing we want. Now, then, is the time to act. Click here to download The End Of Gout PDF 16

The End Of Gout PDF Book by Shelly Manning. "I acquired Shelly Manning’s gout program just over two years ago. It’s called The End of Gout PDF Book Download. And it did for me exactly what it says in its title. Because I no longer suffer those unbearable gout attacks. And I don’t have to cancel plans because a flare-up has left me unable to function properly. That's why you should download it. Related terms: The End Of Gout PDF, The End Of Gout book, The End Of Gout Shelly Manning.

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