What is an LED Corn Bulb and Its Advantages?

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Why Choose LED Corn Bulb For Your Offline Apparel Store? www.ledmyplace.com Introduction With e-commerce becoming a popular source for online shopping, the offline commerce has shown a downward trend in recent years. Yet, many shoppers like to choose offline mode, especially when it comes to shopping for jewellery or an apparel. After all, it's to do with fashion and not any consumer durable. Further, with the fashion industry today as one of the fastest growing markets the world over and an ever increasing competition, it becomes extremely important for a seller to showcase his clothing items in the best way possible. It's here that lighting plays a key role and when it comes to lighting, it can't get any better than an LED Corn Bulb. Here's how an LED corn bulb contributes to high customer retention/conversion rate for brick and mortar fashion industry. www.ledmyplace.com The Advantages of An LED Corn Bulb Your offline customers come to your brick and mortar store because they want to feel the fabric by touching the fabric. They also want to try the garment on their bodies and want to see how they look. Know that an LED corn bulb uses the latest-in innovation -- the LED Cob chips -- to project light in 360- degree fashion, thus helping your customers view the garment from all angles. An ordinary bulb will not suffice. With LED corn bulbs equipped to handle voltage fluctuations,these bulbs can provide for an uninterrupted source of lighting for any apparel store. When you replace your conventional bulb such as halogen or metal-halide with an LED corn bulb, you do not need to replace it before 50,000 hours -- its specified lifespan. May last longer, if you use it for 12-15 hours a day. Unlike the conventional bulbs, a corn bulb doesn't need any warming up to get turned On. It's an instant start -- which is what you need when you are running a garment store. Ask about energy bills, and you will find yourself to be lucky once you replace your conventional bulb with an LED corn bulb since it can bring 75% savings in your electric utility bill. Installing a corn bulb is pretty simple as all you need to do is screw-in to the E26 or E39 sockets of existing bulb fixtures. With no loose components inside and presence of aluminium coating on the outside, the bulb fixture is robust and yet so light-weight. www.ledmyplace.com Conclusion The above benefits of an LED corn bulb can be realized only if you turn your mind and eyes towards it. One thing is for sure, your investment in LED corn bulb won't go in vain. www.ledmyplace.com THANK YOU www.ledmyplace.com

LED Corn Bulbs resemble the corn on the cob and hence are named corn bulbs. They feature lines of square light diodes on all sides of their tube and the cob contains individual LED lights that can vary from 80 to 108 LEDs.

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