The Role of Intention in the Shamanic Experience

Jan 11, 2020 | Publisher: Sirius-C Media | Category: Religion, Philosophy & Spirituality |  | Collection: The Shamanic Quest | Views: 66 | Likes: 1

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‘The Role of Intention in the Shamanic Experience’ as part of the Series ‘The Shamanic Quest’ is a study that is based on the essential hypothesis erected in my report ‘An Ayahuasca Journey’ about my experience with the sacred Ayahuasca brew back in 2004 in Ecuador.

The hypothesis I have erected in that report was that there is no linear causation by plant chemistry only, as most of the shamanism researchers admit, such as ‘it’s the DMT in the brew that causes the consciousness-altering cognitive experience.’

My report showed with much evidence that it is rather the shaman’s intention for guiding the client’s Ayahuasca voyage that is the main causation, while this intention and the thought forms that go along with it, is amplified and transmitted by the plant’s entheogenic matrix.

The present article generalizes this insight and tries to elucidate how intention plays a crucial role in all shamanic experience and is a practical tool of the experienced shaman in his healing efforts and his relations with the spirit world.

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