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CLEARWATER DEEP SEA FI SHING Clearwater is a perfect example of Florida West Coast’s angling potential. It is not only ripe with prolific fishing grounds of virtually any variety but its endless grass flats and backcountry waterways also play host to many of the state’s most sought-after game fish. Clearwater Fishing Charters Clearwater Fishing Clearwater Deep Sea Fishing Clearwater Charter Fishing Fishing In Clearwater CLEARWATER FI SHING CHARTER S Aboard Clearwater charter boats, you can venture further into the Gulf Waters or fish inshore where you will be greeted by inquiring sounds of the manatees, porpoises, herons, pelicans, ospreys and many other sea creatures. There are many charter boats that ply the Clearwater area. Aboard these vessels, you will soon discover why they refer to the Tampa Bay area of Florida as the Grouper fishing spot capital of the world. This is because fish species such as jacks, grouper and snapper are always found here throughout the year. Deep sea fishing is common particularly during the summer and autumn months, when the best fishing spots become fill up with King and Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Cobia, Barracuda, Sailfish and Mahi Mahi. Sharks and Cobia are known to be lurking somewhat distant from the coastline, but breaches are uncommon. CLEARWATER FISHING CHARTERS Local Attractions in Clearwater, Florida Clearwater may be famous for its fishing grounds but apart from that there are also local attraction sites worth visiting. There is the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Pinewood Cultural Park, Florida Botanical Gardens, Sun N’ Fun Festival, Pier 60, Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater Beach, Bright House Field, Sand Key Park, Jazz Holiday and Clearwater Threshers among many other sceneries. You can also join the locals and other tourists and go on dolphin cruises. On your trip you will spot even porpoises, turtles and other amazing marine creatures. CLEARWATER FISHING The beautiful Clearwater Beach offers more than just hours of sunbathing and swimming. With plenty of fish all year round, you can get the best fishing charter and make your fishing vacation the best ever. Most vessels offered are fast, comfortable, and immaculate. They are specifically designed and built for charter fishing with a very large cockpit, fishing chairs, plenty of shade and every convenience to make your offshore trip enjoyable. Clearwater charter boats are fully licensed and insured. The crew particularly the Captain has the expertise and experience to give you the best quality fishing trip worth your every penny. Whether you are visiting Clearwater for the first time or you are an avid angler, you will get family-friendly, drug and alcohol-free charter boats that will take you to the best fishing spots on Clearwater beach. CLEARWATER FISHING Comfort on Your Clearwater Charter Boat Most charters are well equipped with the most modern cooling facilities complete with amenities such as sofas, dinner tables and bars. Besides, coolers are welcome especially if you are bringing your catch home for cooking. If you carry drinks on your fishing trip you can also put them in the cooler. Clearwater charter vessels also allow you to carry a camera because at the end of your trip, the captain will display your catch for you. CLEARWATER DEEP SEA FISHING A Variety of Fishing Experiences Aboard Clearwater Charter Boats If you are going trolling, four lines will be put behind the boat, some down deep and others close to the surface. Once the fish has been located, the captain will circle the spot as you wait for the big fish to strike. If you are going bottom fishing, you can fish with other 6 people at once. You will just need a weighed hook which you will drop to the bottom and wait for the fish to bite. While fishing for Amberjack, you will need to take a 10 to 12 hour trip to catch these big fish. You may need to sail for up to 40 to 50 miles and also be on your best game to get some of these reef species. Red snapper fishing trips usually take 12 to 15 hours. It is a long trip but worth it if you consider the amount of catch you are likely to get. The action is usually fast but the charter captain will guide you to catch as much you can. Offshore Trolling may take 15 to 18 hours. You will be trolling for Tunas, Sailfish, wahoos and mahi mahi and including many more fish species. These Clearwater charter fishing trips will suit you even better if you are a patient angler. Fishing in Clearwater area is awesome. It offers the best fishing experience and also the best weather than anywhere else in the country. The best Clearwater charter boats will provide a conducive environment to make your fishing vacation a pleasant one. CLEARWATER CHARTER FIS HING FISHING IN CLE ARWATER They will also offer a variety of fish to catch. During Spring, Summer, and even Fall you will catch king mackerel, Bonito, Dolphin, Wahoo, snapper, Amberjacks, barracuda, sailfish, Spanish mackerel and more. During winter, you will catch amberjack, grouper and snapper, among other reef fish. Some Clearwater charter fishing providers can also offer split rentals of up to 4 people. Multi-boat charters are available but prices will differ from one vessel to the other. Whatever the cost, there may be a 15% gratuity charged by some charters. Some charter boats may also provide food and drinks. Clearwater Deep Sea Fishing www.charterboatbooker.c om Visit our website

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