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Improvement Of Agricultural Methods And Productivity Introduction Agriculture is the key driver of economic growth for any country. A stable and well-developed economy means that its agricultural sector stands on solid ground. In Kenya, agriculture employs almost 75% of the population. Most Kenyans living in rural areas rely on agriculture and husbandry for their livelihood and family sustenance. To bring excellence in agricultural productivity, the government should heavily invest in agricultural products and implements so that farmers can be dependent on its own agricultural products and more employments can be created in rural areas. Agriculture in Kenya Needs Marketing And Promotion Expansion of financial institutions into the agricultural sector and strengthening the financial and entrepreneurial skills of the farmers will highly benefit the agricultural image of the country. Farmers in Kenya need better marketing infrastructure including wholesale, retail and assembly markets and also storage facilities for cost-effective marketing and minimize post-harvest losses. Strengthening agro-dealers who provide farmers with agricultural inputs and advice will help farmers gain precious information which will leverage agricultural productivity. Online Presence a Must For Improving Agriculture Presence of agricultural companies on the online circuit is essential for proper visibility of their products. Information is vital for farmers to learn about new techniques, correct farm inputs, new crop varieties and climate change mitigation. Agricultural products parked online will help companies in reaching to a wider section of rural people and contribute towards the betterment of the agricultural sector. Steps To Improve Agricultural Productivity Improving the distribution of agricultural products is key to higher crop yields. Reformation of policies relating to water management, allocation and distribution should be devised by the government. Government should subsidise water use for agriculture to improve productivity. Improving tillage methods and crop rotation can reverse the nutrient depletion characteristic of soils in rural Kenya. It can increase productivity by more than 50% and help develop new high-yield crop varieties. Thank You Agriculture Company in Kenya Contact us for any further queries: National Park East Gate Road, Off Mombasa Road, Behind Lab & Allied Building, Nairobi, Kenya Website: https://www.elgonkenya.co.ke Email: sales@elgonkenya.co.ke Phone: 0733 509 509 | 0717 888 877

Agriculture is the primary factor of a country's economy Kenya where 75% of the population relies on agriculture for their living. It is essential to invest in agriculture products to grow the cultivation. There are certain trails and initiatives which must be taken to improve the productivity.

About Elgon Kenya

Since its inception in 1898, Elgon Kenya Limited, the largest agri-input suppliers company in Kenya, has positioned itself to be a one-stop shop for both small and large-scale farmers providing cutting-edge solutions that address everyday needs of our customers. The company is involved in the distribution of agrochemicals, fertilizers, seeds, animal health products, irrigation equipment and selective farm equipment.


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