SILVERPOP ENGAGE B2B Bringing marketing and sales into alignment

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Engage B2B: ROI InsightTM For many reasons, marketers struggle to justify expenditures and prove return on investments: Data isn’t easily accessible, a multitude of programs complicate the ability to tie results to specific campaigns, and measurement is often a time-consuming manual process. Silverpop’s Engage B2B solution has identified this frustrating cycle and has created fully integrated lead-to-sale reporting. Marketers now have true financial metrics at their fingertips to assist in planning more effective marketing strategies. Through its integration with, Engage B2B ROI Insight offers marketers complete visibility into all the metrics needed to judge campaign performance, including impressions; response rates; cost-per-lead; total number of leads; closed, won and lost opportunities; revenue generated; and ROI—all per specific campaign. ROI Insight also allows marketers to aggregate campaign information for comparison reporting as well as produce overall lead-generation reports. SILVERPOP ENGAGE B2B Bringing marketing and sales into alignment The success of Silverpop’s Engage B2B solution has been built on understanding the needs of sales and marketing and providing the technologies to solidify relationships and improve lead generation and nurturing. Integration capability to a CRM solution plays an important role in ensuring that marketing and sales stay in alignment. With a bidirectional, real-time flow of data between Engage B2B and, both sales and marketing are kept in sync with each other’s efforts, providing both sides clear visibility into all actions regarding a prospect. This allows for more effective and relevant communication that results in a more positive, engaging and meaningful customer experience. Engagement Marketing Solutions Engagement Marketing Solutions SALESFORCE.COM INTEGRATION +44 20 7288 6343 © 2009 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. To find out more about Silverpop’s Engage B2B solution and how it can benefit your company, please contact us toll-free at +44 20 7288 6343. Visit us at Engage B2B ROI Insight enables marketers to: • Make informed decisions on marketing strategy • Understand where their marketing investments are making the greatest impact • Provide substantiated metrics reports to company executives • Have a clear view of revenue in the pipeline • Compare the success of the different marketing mediums used, such as email, pay-per-click or direct mail Engage B2B Activity InsightTM Sales professionals understand that knowing their audience is crucial for success and accelerates the lead-to-sale process. But the key is being able to view that vital information in a format that is easy to access and understand. Through its integration with, Engage B2B Activity Insight provides sales with an at-a-glance snapshot of each contact’s complete marketing history and behavior. This includes valuable information such as campaign interaction, lead quali- fication scoring, number of site visits, emails opened, white papers downloaded and survey responses. You can even drill down deeper into a contact’s history and take a look at actual survey results or the content of the exact email the person received. Engage B2B Activity Insight enables sales professionals to: • Maximise each opportunity through better understanding of a person’s specific interests • Act on relevant and timely information • Accelerate the lead-to-sales process Engage B2B: Who’s OnlineTM Acting on information in a timely manner is integral to successful sales. To complement our Engage B2B Activity Insight tool, we have also released Engage B2B: Who’s Online. Through integration with, Who’s Online provides sales with timely information on each person’s site visit behavior. The easy-to-read summary view shows who currently is visiting the Web site, who visited during the last several minutes and every hour previously for the past seven days. It ensures that sales is made aware of active Web site visitors and can reach out to them at the optimal time. +44 20 7288 6343 © 2009 Copyright Silverpop. All rights reserved. Engagement Marketing Solutions Engagement Marketing Solutions SALESFORCE.COM INTEGRATION



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