Independence and Interdependence

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Independence and Interdependence Visit My Store Independent people know how to do things on their own, and interdependent people know how to do things with the help of other people. Emotionally mature people know how to do both. They can function on their own but still understand that other people can be used as resources to help them solve some of life's problems. Parents are always concerned about sending their children off to live on their own. They start to worry around the time that their children get ready to go off to college. The biggest reason for the concern is because, in the parent's' minds, they feel that they didn't teach their children enough to survive independent of them. The parents may have the desire to speak frequently on the phone with their children questioning them about their activities, their grades, who they're hanging around with and even if they're doing their school work. Read More The Real 3R's: Respect, Responsibility, and Resilience These are not your garden variety lesson plans. They were written to include one plan for each of the 3R's with the inclusion of suggestions, links, and podcasts that the reader can click on to listen to. If you purchase a hard copy of the book I have included the link where applicable so it can be copied into your browser. I have gone very narrow and very deep and tried to really hit a home run with the activities. I also included character qualities associated with each one of the 3R's and in the area of resiliency have included some activities and suggestions that are related to these qualities that can be used in a classroom, or in a home. There is also a bonus course included at the end of the book as well. $7.00 Click Here To Buy

About James H Burns

Since 1977 Jim Burns has been working with students who have learning disabilities and behavioral problems.  He has almost 40 years of experience working as an administrator, teacher, college instructor, and seminar leader.  He is committed to helping administrators, parents, and teachers establish standards of excellence and help them build successful relationships with their staff, students, and children.  He has written and designed The Bully Proof Classroom, a graduate course that is now offered at The College of New Jersey, and La Salle University in Pennsylvania in partnership with The Regional Training Center. This course has been endorsed by the NJEA.  He has also written “Anti Bullying 101.” A book that provides teachers, administrators, support staff and parent’s 101 tips on how to achieve permanent help in dealing with unruly behavior and can be used as part of any anti-bullying program. In May of 2015 Jim was awarded the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters by Gratz College in recognition of his almost forty years of work in student behavior management and anti bullying.   He is available for on sight in-services and keynotes.


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