red velevet cake recipe

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Red valvet cake recipe By Chef IBPA About ibpa (institute of bakery and pastry arts) Institute of Bakery & Pastry Arts is leading institute for learning Bakery and Pastry Arts in India, Our Chef Balendra Singh is having 18 Year of professional experience. Our students have gone to achieve international fame for their exceptional skills that we are proud of. Traditional Bakery techniques, cutting edge training, 100% work placement with Award winning faculties are some of the special features of IBPA. Our courses are internationally certified for making bright career in Bakery profession. ingredients S. No Ingredients Quantity Quantity Devil's food cake 1 Refined flour 100 Gm 2 Cocoa powder 17 Gm 3 Salt 2 Gm 4 Baking powder 3 Gm 5 Baking soda 2 Gm 6 Butter (soft) 58 Gm 7 Sugar 133 Gm No of portions: 1 kg 8 Buttermilk 125 Ml 9 Vinegar/ lime juice 1 Tbs 10 Vanilla essence tsp 11 Egg 67 Gm 12 Red food colour 2 Tbs Cream cheese frosting 13 Cream cheese 200 Gm 14 Sugar 50 Gm 15 Vanilla essence 1 Tsp 16 Whipped cream 200 Gm 17 Sugar syrup 50 Gm Method: Sieve flour, baking powder, soda, cocoa powder and salt together. Add vinegar or lime juice into the milk & let it stand for few minutes till the milk splits. Cream butter & sugar together. Add the sieved dry ingredients into the bowl and add part of the vinegar &milk mixture. Lightly beat the eggs with red food colour. Gradually add the remaining milk mixture and lightly beaten eggs in 3 parts. Mix well after each addition. The finished batter is normally quite liquid. Pour the batter in greased & lined cake tin & bake at 180 C for 20 25 minutes. Once the cake is baked, keep it on a cooling rack to cool completely. To make the cream frosting, whip the cream with sugar till soft peaks and add cream cheese and mix well. Cut the cooled cake in three layers. Put the first layer of cake on cake board, moisten the sponge layer with syrup and spread the cream frosting evenly. Put the second layer, moisten it with sugar syrup and spread the cream frosting evenly. Put the last layer of the cake on top, moisten it with sugar syrup and evenly coat the cake on top & around sides with cream frosting. Cool in the refrigerator for a while and finish off with the garnish and decorations.


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