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Learn How To Get Free Facebook Credits Before getting started, let me tell you: this method is completely legal and legit, and you will get Free Facebook Credits, from $15 up to $50. Here's a way to get some Free Facebook Credits easily! This only involves 3 simple steps - anyone can do this! However, this method only applies to those living in United States, United Kingdom and Canada, and you could only register ONCE per household, IP address and computer. The concept behind is simple: You register and complete some tasks (for free), and someone will buy Facebook Credits for you and ship it to you (shipping cost is completing free). That sounds great, isn't it? So let's started: STEP 1 SIGN UP the site at http://howtogetfreefacebookcreditsnow.com/access Complete the Sign Up Process by entering your VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS and other necessary information. Remember to CONFIRM YOUR E-MAIL by checking your e-mail inbox in order to receive your 250 points bonus. STEP 2 Log in to your account, You should see a list of offers, with details of: how much points you will earn, approval rate, approval time, etc. offers: always complete those with how low the points are. After completing the offer, you will receive your points. STEP 3 Once you've earned enough points, you can go to Redeem You Points. Type " The rewards will be shown up and you can choose the one you would like to redeem. I know you want go to EARN POINTS and click Free Offers A tip for you to complete these HIGH APPROVAL RATE first, no matter SPEND POINTS Facebook Credits" in the search bar. Free Facebook Credits, but you can actually . and click redeem for many other free prizes like xbox 360, iPhone, iPod, etc if you earn enough points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once again, it's completing legal and legit. If you want to see some proof of prizes, go to Forum at the top of the website and click Proof, you'll see many proofs of prizes posted by the members. Hope you enjoy earning free rewards and your Free Facebook Credits in Points2Shop!Cheers! Source: http://howtogetfreefacebookcreditsnow.com

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