Jim Corbett Resort

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Jim Corbett Resort Call Us: +91-9711149631 Jim Corbett Contact Number Call Us: +91-9711149631 Safari In Jim Corbett Call Us: +91-9711149631 Best Resorts In Jim Corbett Call Us: +91-9711149631 4 Star Resort In Jim Corbett Call Us: +91-9711149631 Jim Corbett Ramnagar Uttarakhand Call Us: +91-9711149631 Wildlife Resort Jim Corbett Call Us: +91-9711149631

Jim Corbett Resorts have the most beautiful resorts you could ever find! What are you waiting for, book your tickets right away? You may also visit our website. https://www.nadiyaparao.com/.



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Nadiya Parao is a luxury resort alongside the magnificent river Kosi at just 5 mins drive from the Bijrani Safari Zones of the Jim Corbett National Park.The resort is spread amidst a 12 acres of lush green mango orchard .


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