What Is the Meaning of a Name?

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What Is the Meaning of a Name? Findnamemeaning.com - How important a name is? Maybe some of us would say, "Name is very important because it involves the identity and who we are", there are others saying "it is the name of the tool point to point to us", or even someone says "The name was of no use, Just legality only ", and so forth. Everyone will have an opinion on their own about what's in a name for humans. So actually how much important the name is? Names in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) have definitions of the word to refer to or call the person (place, goods, animals, etc.); title: title; fame: goodness (excellence): honor. The word does have a definition name as a means of pointing to define a form that is visible to the human senses or not. Then why should there a name? As I explained earlier, it is the name of the tool point to define something. The role of a name is very important in our lives. The name has many uses in our daily lives, for example, only when our school or our college, the name is needed for teachers or professors know who the student or students who judged it. Of course we do not want already tried to answer questions or quizzes or exams, then it turns out that the value given to our friend anyway? That's one of the benefits of a name for our lives. Another example of the importance of names in everyday life, for example, we fancied to someone. We do not know the name of that person, we just met him at school or college or public place for example. How can we find out about him when we only know his form without knowing his name? Maybe it could however be difficult, now a name will help you to accelerate find out information about people we crush it. The name has been used since the beginning of man born in this world. According to some references of religions that exist in Indonesia, the first person born in this world is Adam and Eve. So much for the importance of the name to describe something that people considered the first man in the world is named as well. In addition, we need to mention the name of a nominal amount of numbers. Try to imagine when we transact without us giving the name of the nominal amount of numbers (example: one, ten, two hundred, a thousand, ten thousand). How busy we are. Maybe if the number of goods only 1-10 can use the finger, but when we asked for the quantity of 100 numbers? So that's the importance of a name. Then the name is also used to name the days in our lives. What we know (Indonesian people) that day there were seven in the period, namely, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. In naming the names of the days in Indonesia influenced by foreign languages, such as Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Sanskrit, Malay, and Europe. Sometimes I do not like people who say "What's in a name?" The name was really important in our daily lives. Without a name, we like the stupid dumb. Cannot say anything, not knowing anything, and that we can do is point to use the hand without being able to say we want from us. In addition, we will not be able to also say something that happens in ourselves, we do activities with whom, with what we do, and so on. The importance of a name almost as much as the importance of language. Indeed, we can said regardless of the name, but we would need a description of the length and width of what we mean it. With everything becomes simple name, the name can also be all right and not open to interpretation. The name is helper of language and is part of the language itself. Each language has its own name mention to mention something, as an example of counting in a language that is still one country, Javanese and Madurese language. In the same language could be possible existence of differences in naming, depending on the language area. Thus, the name is used as a pointing tool to define a form that is visible to the senses and is not visible to the senses. The name is part of the language which they cannot be separated existence.

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