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facebook.com/AndrewLearned @AndrewLearned A n d r e w L e a r n e d . c o m 1 . Andrew is a new type of Democrat. A Veteran Navy Officer, small business owner, and a bold progressive. Veterans won more than a third of red-to-blue flips in 2018; we can do that here. 2 . Rep Spano, the GOP first-term incumbent is already under FBI and House Ethics investigations for fraud in the 2018 election. He's vulnerable, the local paper has already called for his resignation, and he's facing a likely GOP challenge; this is our moment to WIN. 3 . FL-15 is a "top-10" target for the DCCC in 2020. With no Governor or Senate race in FL and a scandal ridden incumbent, FL-15 will be a critical battleground in the heart of central Florida. 4 . In 2018 Andrew raised nearly $400k without any outside party backing. He secured every local Democratic endorsement in 2018 and has consolidated local support for this run for 2020. O n t h e i s s u e s Andrew represents the New Generation of Leadership that can help lead us past the politics of the past. He's not afraid to fight boldy for his progressive principals, and able to unite a diverse coalition of Veterans and fellow small-business owners needed to WIN this tossup seat. He would be the only representative in Tampa Bay and Central Florida who is a Veteran. He will fight for our military, their families, and our veterans. Andrew is fighting for better & more affordable healthcare, the protection of our earned benefits like Social Security and Medicare, and a new future of investment in our local economy. I n t h e n e w s : A n d r e w L e a r n e d Andrew is a veteran of eight years and three Middle East deployments. As an officer, he led teams combating Somali piracy and planning missions against ISIS in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. He is a district native and local small-business owner, opening a neighborhood learning center after returning from his third Middle East deployment. Andrew has been campaigning on a simple message, to bring a new generation of leadership to Washington. The politics of the past, the dysfunction, and good ol' boy networks have held our community back for too long. A candidate in 2018 who built a grassroots campaign that helped force the retirement of a 10- year incumbent, Andrew is now in one of the most hotly targeted races in the country for 2020, and is poised and ready to #FlipFL15. F L - 1 5 In 2018 we came closer than ever before in flipping this key I-4 Corridor battleground district, which will only increase in importance in the Presidential race in 2020. Having run a grassroots campaign that came within striking distance, and a profile that can bring in crucial independent voters, Andrew is ready to WIN in 2020. The current officeholder is first-term Republican Congressman Ross Spano, who is already under FBI investigation and a House Ethics inquiry since he admitted to circumventing FEC laws to the tune of $180k. Ross Spano is vulnerable, and we have a candidate in place and ready in a district we can WIN. FL-15 stretches from Tampa to Orlando along the pivotal I-4 corridor. In 2018, we shrank the district rating from "Safe R" to "Tossup" and now we're ready to flip it. R o s s S p a n o : E N G U L F E D I N S C A N D A L Ross Spano won his first term in Congress in 2018. He did so after admitting to personally taking $180,000 from two donors and illegally funneling that to his campaign in a blatant violation of FEC rules. He has lied and claimed ignorance (despite having run many time for the Florida House, being a career attorney, and most recently running a failed campaign to be the State's top law enforcement officer). If that wasn't brazen enough, one of the illegal donors then got to interview Mr Ross' congressional office staff. Our local paper, the Tampa Bay Times, has called for his resignation, his Republican colleagues, are calling him a criminal, and the FBI and House Ethics committees are both conducting investigations. One thing is certain, Rep Spano is vulnerable and NOW is the time to hold him accountable for his crimes. facebook.com/AndrewLearned @AndrewLearned A n d r e w L e a r n e d . c o m W h y w e n e e d Y O U R h e l p : M e s s a g e f r o m A n d r e w : In 2018, I entered the race against five other Democrats despite only days before returning from my third Middle East deployment. Over the 16- months that followed, our campaign proved capable, consolidated every local pre-primary Democratic endorsement, raised nearly $400k from more individual donors than ever before, and united the Party. But, it was too little too late. About 75% of our fundraising came in the final two-months and our delay allowed an unknown opponent to enter late and caused us to chase rather than lead from the front. This time, we're doing thing different. I'm asking for support early, we're going to unite early, fight hard, and hold Rep Spano accountable for his crimes. I'm not wealthy, but I will work harder than anyone to flip this seat and to fight for a better future for my Country once we do. I will do my part, I just need your help to make this fight possible. Will you stand with me? An early fundraising push will make the difference in this key race. Thank you! Andrew was born in Sarasota, grew up in Valrico, and graduated from Fort Myers High School before enrolling at the University of Tampa. There, he studied economics, government, and world affairs in addition to his duties in the Navy ROTC program. During his junior year, Andrew was elected as the Student Body President for the University. After graduation, Andrew commissioned as an officer into the United States Navy, serving on active duty for four years. He was a Surface Warfare Officer who specialized as his ship's Boarding Officer. In that role, Andrew led small teams on boarding operations throughout two deployments to the Middle East and North Africa. In 2014, as a Lieutenant, Andrew transitioned to the United States Navy Reserves. When Andrew returned home, he decided to start his own small business, a neighborhood learning center called GradePower Learning. He has about a dozen employees who help a few hundred students excel through afterschool tutoring. In 2016 Andrew was activated by the Navy to be the Lead Surface Planner for Commander Task Force 51/5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade forward deployed to Bahrain. During this deployment Andrew led surface coordination efforts during the crisis in the Bab-Al-Mandeb, when Huthi rebels were firing missiles at US and Coalition warships in the strategic choke-point. Andrew worked to ensure dozens of daily transits of merchant shipping were protected, defended, and that freedom of navigation was ensured for all friendly and neutral forces. For his efforts, Andrew received the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. Andrew's service has unfortunately made him acutely aware of how dysfunction in Washington can trickle down and affect operations with life and death consequences on the ground. Andrew has a fresh perspective on our continuing fight against terrorists and the governments that enable them, a Main Street approach to small business and economics, and a life experience shared by this Veteran heavy district. Full Bio: Paid for and approved by Andrew Learned for Congress Andrew Learned is a member of the US Navy Reserve. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense. C o n t a c t AndrewLearned.com Andrew@AndrewLearned.com (813) 856-1212 s e n d c o n t r i b u t i o n s t o : Andrew Learned for Congress 3433 Lithia Pinecrest Road Ste# 249 Valrico, FL 33596 @AndrewLearned /AndrewLearned "I got into this fight when I saw first-hand an American hero not come back home because of a mission ordered by an unprepared, irresponsible, and recklessly unchecked Administration. Since then, I've spoken to tens of thousands of my neighbors who are now relying on me to help protect their kid's healthcare, make their schools safer, and create a sustainable and vibrant future for my generation and ALL Americans. This started with my why, but now it's much bigger than that." W h y I ' m r u n n i n g

Veteran Naval Officer, Native Floridian, Owner of neighborhood learning center. Ironman 70.3 triathlete & Democrat for Congress from Florida #FL15.

We have to find a way to work together to start solving our Nation’s problems again. I’ll be a part of a new generation of leadership headed to Washington in 2020 that will put aside the politics of the past and start finding ways to get things done.

-Create the jobs of tomorrow here at home
-Put service back in the heart of public service
-Feed the hungry, care for the sick, and treat people fairly

About Learned for FL15

Andrew is a veteran of eight years and three Middle East deployments. As an officer, he led teams combating Somali piracy and planning missions against ISIS in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria.

He is a district native and local small-business owner, opening a neighborhood learning center after returning from his third Middle East deployment.

His self-made tutoring service employs about a dozen teachers after-school and helps hundreds of local kids through tutoring.

Starting in 2018, Andrew built a grassroots campaign fueled by thousands of small-dollar donors that helped force the retirement of a 10-year incumbent, FL-15 now in one of the most hotly targeted races in the country for 2020 and Andrew is poised and ready to flip it.


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