Knowledge Centered Support – The New Knowledge Management Methodology

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Knowledge Centered Support – The New Knowledge Management Methodology Knowledge centered support is the new buzz word. There is a huge paradigm shift from the way we produced or consumed knowledge. Traditionally creating content and consuming content were fundamentally different. But the new thinking is that t knowledge creators will consume, and knowledge consumers will create – and that both businesses and customers will benefit from it. Knowledge centered service provides levels of business agility, cost savings and knowledge quality that were a distant vision when first introduced, but are now essential to dealing with the exploding inquiry volumes, skyrocketing customer expectations and complex technologies that challenge support organizations every day. Customers are not only looking for more information but also want to express their opinion, critique and answer, or rate a product or vendor. Traditionally content was written by knowledge authors who typically do not interact directly with customers. This results in content that while technically accurate, may not best address customer needs. Customer service solutions agents are the best who know, what knowledge and content are most useful in solving customer problems, where more content is needed and how content can be adapted to become more useful to the customer with agent desktop being handy. Today support centers are successfully evolving to meet the demands of customers in a Web 2.0 world. At the heart of Knowledge service is the idea that insight from and language of customers and agents are incorporated in the support process. The Knowledge management methodology provides a series of best practices which focus on knowledge as the key asset to support organizations with just-in-time authoring by agents as a core principle. „ Create knowledge as a by-product of solving problems „ Evolve content based on demand and usage „ Develop a knowledgebase that includes a support organization’s collective experience „ Foster collaboration and networking to optimize knowledgebase content Knowledge management empowers agents to capture the context of each solution in the customer’s language and to author knowledge in real-time as they resolve customer inquiries. This links issues to the customer’s experience, and eliminates information delays due authoring bottlenecks or errors resulting from improper interpretations. Do away with the isolated and dedicated knowledge-creation process as the only valid means to produce relevant support information. Deliver a satisfying, efficient customer service experience to your customers. Learn more about :- customer service chat & web self services

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