Empower Business Growth By Outsourcing Accounting Services

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Finance and Accounting Services Empower Business Growth By Outsourcing Accounting Services To introduce innovation and efficiency in accounting and financial business processes many small businesses, CPAs and CFO’s are opting for outsourced accounting services. These outsourced accounting services not just saves your money but also help you minimizes the gaps in your financial reporting and accounting systems. Now days it has been favoring many business to achieve their business goals. Then don’t just waste time in thinking, let a top-notch accounts outsourcing company handle your accounting work so that you can save your in-house time and resources for other core activities. • Developing &Attracting New Business • Finding & Keeping Skilled Professionals • Leadership & Internal Change Issues • Technology Issues • Dealing With Client Demands & Expectations Top Challenges Accounting Firms Facing These Days How To Overcome Accounting Problems? Solution….. Outsource Accounting Work • Focus On Core Business. • Get Skilled Staff At Affordable Fees. • Cost Savings • Improve Speed And Services • Get Access To World-class Technology At Lower Rates. • Empower Business Growth Key Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services What We Offer At Cogneesol Finance and Accounting Services Bookkeeping Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Payroll Processing Management Accounting Tax Preparation OUR FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING SERVICES Bookkeeping • Setting up chart of accounts (COA) • Maintenance of general ledger • Invoice processing services (data entry)   • Inputting of banking details • Allocating the entries to their right account heads • Posting of bank account and credit card statements • Bank and credit card reconciliation   • Month-end or Year-end closing report • Giving Accounting system's updates • Invoice Processing Services • Apprising system for accounts payable by processing supplier bill. • Wherever required we prepare credit or debit notes • Maintain records for accounts payable • Preparation of vendor account statements • Reconciliation of vendor account statements with your books • Analysis of unbilled supplies, open PO commitments etc. Account Payable Account Receivable • Create invoices based on documentary evidence such as service/ product delivery confirmations and sale order copies • Uploading electronic invoices onto systems • Updating invoices into accounts receivable • Updating accounts receivable for collection, besides reconciling bank account credits • Listing advances or deposits received, besides receipts, etc. • Giving alert related to short payments • Preparing and sending account statements Payroll Processing • . • Paycheck and payroll sheet creation • Tax preparation for deposition to state and federal   agencies • Calculation of state and federal taxes and check creation • Annual, quarterly and monthly returns on a state- wide basis • Preparation of state and federal returns Management Accounting • Provide financial reports periodically • Create financial reports for your bankers or others • Calculation of financial ratios and performance indicators • Identification of deviations • Help to improve cash flows and give suggestions for better management of finances Tax Preparation • Individual: Form 1040, Form 1040A and Form 1040EZ • Partnership: Form No. 1065 and K-1 • Corporation: Form 1120, Form 1120A and Form 1120S (for statutory corporations) WHY OUTSOURCE ACCOUNTING SERVICES TO COGNEESOL? • Greater Flexibility And Speed • All Documentation Related To Customer Service In A Single Repository • A Problem-solving Approach And Processes For Quality Assurance To Improve Customer Loyalty • A Common Web Browser For Retrieval Of Data And Documents At Any Point Of Time • Lower Costs • Virtual Extension Of Your Credit Department • A World Class Accounting Team That Help In Improving Profit Margins. Looking More than Just Saving Money Choose Cogneesol… Let’s Talk Reach us at : info@cogneesol.com Canada: +1 905 487 8562 Australia: +61 424 066 224 UK: +44 203 371 7486 USA: +1 646 688 2821

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