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What Can Bearded Dragon s Eat A big part of caring for a bearded dragon comes from giving one the best possible diet. You need to ensure you can give your bearded dragon a healthy diet that fits its needs. But what can Bearded Dragons Eat? Their diet focuses on insects and   plenty of natural foods. You can even feed your beardie mice if desired. You must be aware of what it needs plus what you have to avoid feeding it. Beardies love to eat insects above all else. In fact, insects are critical to the dragon’s diet as they allow it to get the critical proteins and nutrients they need to grow and keep their bodies as healthy as possible. You must make sure you feed your dragon the right insects though. Bearded Dragon Diet These insects are great to have but you need to make sure you keep your insects for feeding purposes healthy. Don’t bother feeding your dragon dead insects. Live insects are easier to consume and have more of their nutritional properties intact. Also, you must make sure you avoid catching insects on your own and then raising them to be fed to your dragon. You are better off ordering live insects from a bait and tackle store or other supply store that sells products for reptiles. Healthy Bearded Dragon Many of the vegetables you can feed to your bearded dragon contain vitamin A. The beardie can convert beta carotene to vitamin A when necessary. It can excrete its excess amounts of this compound when not needed. This is important as an extreme amount of vitamin A can poison a bearded dragon. The odds of your beardie being poisoned by an extreme amount of vitamin A from its typical vegetable diet are extremely small. Still, you should be careful as there are plenty of synthetic vitamin A supplements available for bearded dragons and other reptiles to consume. A dragon cannot excrete synthetic vitamin A, thus making it potentially harmful when not used right. Bearded Dragons As great as having a bearded dragon can be, you need to watch what you are doing when taking care of your beardie. There are many parts of Bearded Dragon Care that you cannot afford to ignore. Much of this involves your dragon’s dietary needs although it also requires a good amount of heat to keep it happy and comfortable no matter where its habitat is located. Water is critical to a bearded dragon’s life. You need to get a small and shallow water dish out for your beardie every day. Make sure the water is clean and safe to drink. What Can Bearded Dragons Eat For more information visit our site:

Check this link right here for more information on Healthy Bearded Dragon. Healthy Bearded Dragon lizard is capable of living a healthy and active life in captivity. They do well when they are able to interact with both their owner and other bearded dragons. Here are some interesting facts that will aid in healthy and happy bearded dragon care. The bearded dragon lizard will breed very well in captivity. With a proper egg nesting area and incubation, the female bearded dragon will produce multiple clutches of eggs per year.Follow us:

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