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Connected Digital Economy Catapult Call for registration of interest March 2012 Catapult is a Technology Strategy Board Programme The Technology Strategy Board is establishing a Connected Digital Economy Catapult to address the challenges of maximising the economic value of the growing digital economy to UK businesses. We invite organisations to register their interest in helping us to establish the Catapult and develop its programme. Go to to register your details by noon on 28 March 2012 as a first step of the registration process. Vision We want the UK to be the first place in the world where companies choose to innovate, try out new ideas, and find ways to make money in the connected digital economy, whether this is in the market for media and information, in the digitisation of service industries, or by linking the digital environment to our physical world. 2 Connected Digital Economy Catapult Call for registration of interest March 2012 The biggest opportunities present complex challenges beyond the resources, capabilities and incentives of single organisations, particularly when traditional industries incorporate digital technology and the internet into new and existing products and services. The Connected Digital Economy Catapult will position UK businesses to lead the introduction of radically new applications and experiences across the increasing breadth of internet services. It will support business in this by building strategic collaborations with a broad range of commercial and academic partners across traditional sector boundaries and providing access to state-of-the-art testing facilities, software and equipment, data and content assets, demonstrators and customer bases. The UK is well positioned We have world-class technical and academic capabilities in media, internet, computing, communications and cyber-security to draw upon. Our competitive creative, financial and services sectors, and a growing open data movement position us well to profit from the digital economy: our ICT, software and digital content sectors are together already worth over £100bn. We are also a nation of early adopters, so the UK is an ideal market for global industry to pilot its innovations: the UK ‘internet economy’ is larger per head than in any other country and is forecast to grow 10% a year for the next three years, reaching 10% of GDP by 2015 1. The Challenge In 2011 we consulted more than 400 businesses and other stakeholders across the digital sector, including the ICT, internet, media and creative communities. The consultation highlighted the challenge of maximising the economic value of the connected digital economy for UK businesses. As a result of the consultation, we have recognised the need to move forward with the development of this Catapult. Building on the inputs received through the Opportunity lies in the transforming power of the internet and the trend towards convergence What are Catapults? The Connected Digital Economy Catapult forms part of the Technology Strategy Board’s £200m-plus programme to establish and oversee a network of technology and innovation centres. These Catapults will be drivers of sustained economic growth, attracting substantial investment to establish world-leading capability and global impact in pre-commercial development. What is the connected digital economy? The connected digital economy is the emerging area of internet-driven convergence, where content, data, people, businesses and the physical world connect in new ways, to deliver radically new applications, services and experiences. This convergence will disrupt existing value chains, transform traditional business models and create new markets. We consulted more than 400 businesses and stakeholders 1 Boston Consulting Group, The Connected Kingdom, Oct 2010 3 Connected Digital Economy Catapult consultation process we have identified the following three complementary objectives: — To create new and sustainable ways to create wealth from digital media and content; — To drive digital service provision in sectors newer to the internet economy; — To encourage new applications and services based on linking the physical world and the internet. The Catapult will achieve this by bringing together problem-owners, solution-providers and users, so that they can address the technological and non-technological challenges through applied research, system development and pre-commercial pilots and trials. Its activities may delve into the impact of increasing bandwidth demand and data volumes, the changing nature of the link between people and the internet, and the need for secure and reliable business services such as payment systems. Initial priorities The Catapult will complement and build on our other programmes and investments in the digital economy. In its first two years the centre will focus on a limited number of flagship demonstrator activities, such as the previously announced ‘Internet of Things’ convergence demonstrator. It will also explore the business value, technical feasibility and challenges new opportunities of metadata and mobile commerce. These initial priorities will be complemented by other projects that emerge from discussions with relevant stakeholders focussing on the areas of greatest economic opportunity for UK business. Operating principles The Catapult will be a forum for innovation, complementing existing academic and business-led centres, with a focus on exploitation and commercialisation. It will deliver tangible benefits to businesses by helping them to reduce the time-to-market of innovative technologies, reduce the cost and risk of pursuing disruptive approaches, and understand how to scale up complex solutions. The centre will be an autonomous research and development organisation, with its own management, R&D and support staff, resources and capabilities. It will be located in a single physical location, led by an entrepreneurial director of international standing and overseen by a business-led supervisory board. It will build projects of global significance in the UK and will attract collaborations of organisations to assemble, test and deploy new foundations for the internet, and demonstrate how they will support successful businesses across the rest of the economy. It will enter into non-exclusive partnerships and work with other innovative organisations within the UK and internationally. These will include — delivery partners to bring resources and capabilities to include in the centre’s operations, projects and activities, and — strategic partners to contribute to shaping its research agenda and bring resources and capabilities to engage in multi- million pound collaborative projects. We see these partners being a mixture of industry, academic centres and other public bodies. Funding As set out in our strategy and implementation plan, all Catapults will obtain their funds from a combination of core Technology Strategy Board support and competitively won business and public sector funding. It is expected, when fully established, to generate revenue broadly equally from three sources: — business-funded R&D contracts, won competitively — national and EU collaborative applied R&D projects, funded jointly by the public and private sectors and won competitively — core public funding of up to £10m per year for long-term investment in infrastructure, demonstrators, Business and academics welcome Catapult as significant opportunity UK internet economy will reach 10% of GDP by 2015 4 Connected Digital Economy Catapult commercialisation programmes, expertise and skills development. The Catapult will grow its own resources and capabilities over time. The resources of the centre and its partners would include state-of-the-art testing facilities, software and equipment, data and content assets, demonstrators, and access to customer bases. Register your interest We invite organisations and businesses wishing to work with us to establish the Catapult to register their interest. We would like to hear from companies and organisations that: — would like to engage in further discussions on programme priorities, in particular pre-commercial demonstrators. Organisations wishing to do so should be involved in either developing or benefitting from the outcomes of such proposed activities — have relevant resources and capabilities that could contribute to the operations of the centre and to a variety of projects and activities, and/or — would consider becoming a strategic partner for the centre — represent or coordinate the viewpoints of constituencies or partnerships relevant to the Catapult, such as a group of companies or research institutions. To register your interest, visit You must first register your details online by noon on 28 March 2012. You will then be sent a form which you will need to submit before noon on 4 April 2012. The Catapult project delivery team will engage with the respondents to explore the essential elements of the outline business plan and the establishment of the centre. The first briefing events will be held on 13 March 2012 in Edinburgh and on 16 March 2012 in London. We also strongly recommend you join the newly established Connected Digital Register your interest at Briefing events: Edinburgh 13 March 2012 London 16 March 2012 Register your details online by noon on 28 March 2012 Technology Strategy Board North Star House North Star Avenue Swindon SN2 1UE Telephone: 01793 442700 Helpline: 0300 321 4357 © Technology Strategy Board T12/015 Economy Catapult Special Interest Group on _connect (, where we will publish more details about the Catapult, meetings and events, and where you can take part in online discussions. The Technology Strategy Board is a business-led executive non-departmental public body, established by the Government. Its role is to promote and support research into, and development and exploitation of, technology and innovation for the benefit of UK business, in order to increase economic growth and improve quality of life.


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