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Cafe des epices is Best Resturant in Marrakech Welcome to your restaurant You will be welcomed in a traditional environment and with contemporary influences, in the heart of an intense and magical atmosphere, enchanting and des epics is best Marrakech Favorite Cafe.Enjoy the luxury of relaxation but especially a lunch , dinner , snack or drink for good gourmets. We offer a warm welcome here at Marrakech Best Restaurant with a relaxed vibrant atmosphere and exquisite food.Marrakech Restaurant is a unique dining experience with three stories and five large versatile rooms, it's fit for any special occasion, large party, or intimate affair.for more information visit our website. The best restaurants in the Moroccan city of Marrakech, where fine dining meets Medina traditions.Welcome to the cafe des epices Restaurants Marrakech in Medina, where you will get the best places to stay. Also its great food destination for lunch &dinner. ADDRESS- 75 Rahba Lakdima, Marrakech Medina, Morocco PHONE-+212 5 24 39 17 70 WEBSITE-

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Known by travelers the world over, Café des Epices is an obligatory stop in the heart of the Marrakesh souks. Nestled in one of the most typical squares of the medina, the Café was the pioneer of the new Marrakech food scene, offering simple refreshments and food at any hour, from breakfast to dinner. The colors and décor are designed by Anne Favier to recreate traditional Marrakesh. Red Marrakesh tadelakt, rough wooden tables, suspended hammam buckets, woven reed furniture, and traditional “beldi” glasses, everything has been designed to respect the authentic medina.


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