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Education: The Only Way Out of India's Long-Lasting Poverty Poverty has been the root cause of various societal afflictions like degrading health, local crimes, low socio-economic development of the nation and so on. But, every cause has a remedy to eliminate it, and, so does poverty. To end poverty in all forms and constructs, education is the only way out. Educating a child is the most important contribution to a developed country. Several child care NGOs in Delhi and other major cities are working around the clock with the government and local communities to build an enlightened and informed population. Check it out how education can help build the nation that we envision today. 1. An educated person can earn his living It is a well-known fact that an educated person can earn his wages, which highlights the fact that no individual would remain poor if he gets to have some earning. It would eventually add to the socio-economic development of the country. 2. An educated person can be saved from exploitation It has been seen that a non-educated person is highly vulnerable for exploitation and in the condition of being under-employed. This could be easily prevented when he is knowledgeable enough to make a livelihood. 3. An educated person secures the future of his next generation When a person is educated enough, he knows how to invest and make life secure for his future generations. A better-educated household could make a fine living and diversify their income sources.


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