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http://www.mulberrytravel.com Enjoy your Luxury Holidays on the Venice Simplon- Orient-Express Train Ask anybody for their concept of an iconic train, and the answer will always be the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. This popular Orient Express train has seen much iteration in its history, but currently, it runs as the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, run by Belmond, and still retaining its Golden Age charm that has captivated passengers for many years. When you board the Orient Express train, you will be welcomed by a cabin steward, who will take you to your cabin and leaves you to settle in, after which you will be taken to one of the restaurant cars for lunch. In the afternoon, you have some time to explore, before you begin to get ready for dinner - which is outstanding by the way - whilst your cabin attendant transforms your cabin into sleeping quarters. You can have a drink at the bar, and it doesn't matter how long you are there for because the bar closes when the last person leaves. The staffs are absolutely incredible. It's very hard to describe, but you feel lucky to be receiving service at this level. They treat everyone on board the same; however, their treatment feels special. It's obvious that they take great pride in what they do, and they are happy to share the experience of traveling on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express with other people. It's also pretty mind-boggling how the food is done. The kitchen is tiny, and they'd have chefs in there working like a well-oiled machine to cater for the full capacity of the train. None of the food is frozen, it's all prepared fresh, and the plates come out pristine and exquisitely flavored. One of the favorite bits of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is the corridors. There's just something about them - the dcor, the windows - everything is very 1920s and beautiful, with impeccable parquetry that has been so lovingly taken care of throughout the years. The windows especially, because they are these large picture windows that stretch down the length of the corridor, so there's an incredible amount of scenery just passing by as you are on board, as the light shines off the highly polished wood. A Few Tips to do on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Train One of the main things is to just explore the Orient Express train. Try not to invest all of your time in one place. There are so many little things that make the Venice Simplon-Orient- Express so incredible, like the history of the carriages and the boutique. Tipping on the train is customary. A good guide is to tip 50 to your cabin attendant and leave 50 in the envelope in your cabin, which goes in a pot for the rest of the staff. It might also be an idea to bring earplugs at night - not for other passengers but for the train itself! It can get a bit loud for light sleepers, so come prepared, but this is a small price to pay for the authentic experience of the original carriages. No matter who you are, whether you like films, trains, history, or just a good luxury travel or journey, it is something that you must do at some point in your life. Simply call us at 08001223364 and enjoy your Orient Express holiday. Contact Us Country Name: UK State : Cheshire city: Chester Zip Code: CH3 5AN/ 01244 Contact Number: 08001223364 Email ID: lee@mulberrytravel.com https://www.mulberrytravel.com/venice-simplon- orient-express-journeys/

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