Fees for UK Confirmation of non-acquisition of British Citizenship

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FEES WITH EFFECT FROM 6 APRIL 2014 FOR CITIZENSHIP APPLICATIONS AND THE RIGHT OF ABODE Including reconsiderations, status checks, duplicate certificates, confirmation of the non-acquisition of British citizenship and certificate corrections Fees must be paid in full at the same time as you send your application(s) to the Home Office. If not, there will be a delay in processing your application(s), until payment has been received. The only exception to this applies to requests for a certificate correction. The fee for a certificate correction will be requested once the caseworker has decided what correction is appropriate. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover the fee payment. Certificates of citizenship cannot be issued until fees have been received. You may pay by cheque or credit/debit card. Please send your payment with the payment slip attached to this leaflet. You are advised not to send cash, transcash or postal orders. Fees are prescribed in law and only part may be refundable if applications are unsuccessful or withdrawn, except for declarations of renunciation (see table overleaf). You should read very carefully the guides that accompany application forms, to ensure that you meet the statutory requirements, before applying. If you are paying using a bank or credit account which belongs to someone else, you should give their details on the payment slip in case any refund becomes due. The fees shown overleaf are for applications submitted to the Secretary of State at the Home Office. Applications submitted to a different receiving authority must be sent, or handed in to that authority. The appropriate receiving authorities are: i. the Home Secretary if, on the date of receipt, the applicant is in Great Britain or Northern Ireland; ii. the Lieutenant-Governor if, on the date of receipt, the applicant is in any of the Islands (i.e. the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man); iii. the appropriate Governor if, on the date of receipt, the applicant is in a British overseas territory; iv. any consular officer, established officer in the Diplomatic Service or any person authorised to accept nationality applications if, on the date of receipt, the applicant is in Hong Kong; v. the Home Secretary if, on the date of receipt, the applicant is elsewhere (including in a Commonwealth country). Applications for registration or naturalisation as a British overseas territories citizen normally have to be referred to the Governor of the British overseas territory with which the applicant is connected, for his decision. Where this is necessary, applicants will be notified about the fee payable after they have sent in their applications. The overall fee for British citizenship comprises two elements. They are: a) Fee for handling and processing the application. None of this is refundable if the application is refused or withdrawn. b) Citizenship ceremony fee. This is paid by applicants who are required to attend a citizenship ceremony. It is refunded to applicants whose applications are refused or withdrawn. The total amount, including the ceremony, fee is shown in the chart overleaf. Payments should be made using the payment slip attached to this leaflet. This leaflet has no legal authority as an interpretation of the British Nationality Act 1981 or the current Fees Regulations. It is intended merely as a guide. FEE TYPE APPLICATION FORM TYPE OF APPLICATION TOTAL FEE PAYABLE ADULTS APPLYING FOR BRITISH CITIZENSHIP AN Naturalisation £906 B(OS) B(OTA) RS1 S1 S2 S3 T EM Registration £823 UKM Section 4C registration (ceremony fee only) £80 APPLICATIONS FOR OTHER TYPES OF BRITISH NATIONALITY AN(modified) RS2 S1 S2 S3 P1 Adults applying to naturalise as British overseas territories citizens, British Overseas citizens, British protected person or British subjects Adults applying to register as British overseas territories citizens, British Overseas citizens, British protected person or British subjects £661 £595 It is possible to be registered or naturalised as a British overseas territories citizen in the UK only in exceptional circumstances. CHILDREN B(OTA) B(OS) EM MN1 S2 S3 T Child under 18 applying to register as a British citizen **An additional £80 per applicant is required to cover the ceremony fee should the child turn 18 during the application process. This will be required at point of decision. £669 MN3 MN4 S2 Child under 18 applying to register as British overseas territories citizens, British Overseas citizens or British subjects RENUNCIATION OF BRITISH NATIONALITY £536 RN1 RN2 RN3 Application to renounce British citizenship, British Overseas citizenship, British overseas territories citizenship, British subject or British protected person status Renunciation of British National (Overseas) £144 No fee ROA NS NQ NR RIGHT OF ABODE Application for a certificate of entitlement to the right of abode in the UK OTHER Duplicate certificate Confirmation of status as a British citizen Confirmation of non-acquisition of British citizenship Reconsideration of an application for naturalisation or registration Correction to Nationality certificate £144 £85 £85 £85 £80 £85 Please tick  as appropriate: Please debit my MASTER CARD / VISA / DELTA / ELECTRON / SWITCH / SOLO card (delete as appropriate): for the sum of £....................................... Card Number Card Security Code: (Please enter the last 3 or 4 digits on the signature strip on the reverse of your card)  I attach a cheque crossed a/c payee, Number ……………………………………………… for the sum of £................................ made payable to: The Accounting Officer, Home Office. FEE REFUND If someone else is paying your fee through their bank account please provide the name and address of the account holder in case a fee refund becomes due. Applicants Name: HO Ref: Account Holder Name: Account Holder Address: Post Code: Applicant Name: HO Ref: Date of Birth: Town & Country of Birth: Expiry date: / Issue No. (Switch): Valid From: Cardholder Name: Cardholder Address: Post Code: PAYMENT SLIP CREDIT/SWITCH


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