Crisis Communique 18 - Differences between men and women, and Green claims challenged

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docleaf Communiqué Crisis round-up Communiqué Issue 18 | Nov 21 2007 Dear Reader Welcome to this week's edition of the Communiqué. In this issue, we try to uncover the impossibility of male and female thought allignment, and also look at the Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary's claim that the most effective way of tackling global warming is to shoot all cows. We also offer clients the chance to make the most of the quiet (?) month of December to test their crisis plans - for free! In this issue: • Battle of the Sexes • Turning Crisis into Opportunity • Volunteers - A Help or Hindrance to Crisis Management? • Save the Planet - Drive More? • Is your business ready to face a crisis? FREE on-site desktop exercise • Crisis Briefs Please keep sending your feedback, both good and bad as we are keen to keep this communiqué as relevant as we can to our readers. You can email me at Thanks as always, Andy Jarosz, Editor. Battle of the Sexes This story has caused much laughter at the docleaf office. I am sure you will enjoy reading it too. But there is also a serious parallel to the humour here. How alligned are we with others' ways of thinking in the midst of a crisis? How often do we find that another party (client, customer, supplier) is "on another planet" when we are just trying to help? Read the Dave Barry's story here. Turning Crisis into Opportunity In the current always-on, real-time and often invasive world of media coverage any company is only a slight faux pas away from crisis mode. It is not really a question of if your organization will encounter a crisis, but rather it is a matter of when and how often a crisis will occur. But here's the good news. According to Mike Wyatt, the success of your company in navigating the crisis, and the reputational fall-out that arises from it, sits largely in your own hands. Read Mike's article here: Volunteers - a help or a hindrance to crisis management? When a major incident strikes, it is inevitable that some people will want to help out - both in the immediate rescue operation and the subsequent clean-up. But how well are the crisis plans geared up to cope with this potential resource? Do they utilise the skills, or the extra hands, that an army of volunteers bring? Or do they become a nuisance, getting in the way of the official response and creating an additional headache. An example of a response to a recent oil-spill in the San Francisco Bay Area is used to illustrate this dilemma. For Ben Arnoldy's article, click here: Save the Planet - Drive More? Barely a day passes now without new research on what we should, or should not do, to reduce our carbon footprint and help prevent a global catastrophe for future generations. This article from the Times suggests some very contrary views, and challenges many of the commonly accepted "green" practices. It also highlights just how diverse and polarised opinions and sentiment are on this important issue. Read Dominic Kennedy's post here: A collection of past eNews articles can be found at here: Please visit our website at Address: docleaf, Building 9, BRE, Bucknalls Lane, Watford.WD25 9XX. UK

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