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RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 1 RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 2 Dec 30/2017 I bought a new Tarot deck and was using it for something different lately. We had been using the I Ching windows a bit, interesting to see the psychic match ups. I guess the local Gurus had a hissy fit, they were doing the Evil Eye among other things and charging big bucks for it. So in retaliation they hit the smoke detector/fire alarms here. We were already working the ‘hands up’ and had photos of three of them showing. CENSORED: no fire, alarms, hands up at fire alarms. 3 GURU photos on Hands Up to go with the ‘missing’ burka chat photo small kids ‘hands up’; response was 6 am next morning they had the fire alarms set off, 3 and needed hands up to fix them. They were also doing Muslim Rauf (Faisal Raul New York, ‘Cordoba’ Mosque, muslims attempting to build on 9/11 ground, swore for months that it was not on Ground Zero land, then they found out that he was on a list to be given grant money for it being yup, ON Ground Zero land. He disappeared after.) Rauf is like how it sounds when Chicago area say roof sounds more like ruff. Belgium the enemy Muslims go over the roof tops, lots. These are nasty invaders, hostile intent and downright malice to our people, our things, our ways and our freedom. Personally I think they need to get sent back to their countries overseas. The lot of them. Make their own lands how they want it and leave our people alone. ‘missing’ burka, photo op for background ‘hands’; trouble here with Sikh’s (black turban) taking over buses, route #9 one of them, goes up to the last stop for the next one to the Base RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 3 England rounded up terrorists after, with the ‘hands’ sign out front Somalians checkers and tracks cloth used for chat/signals, terror hits using them, and the Tarot page I had done up to go with the Russian Supermarket attack, ‘lamb chop’ seemed appropriate given the Christian lamb, Christmas time frame, and their Muslim’s running at people with large knives and chopping up English language, as a mainstay these days. Hakeemullah who ran the multiple CIA killers, did a similar cloth ‘kid’ or baby goat shape. The Base here use a canoe, lots. Note the letter in the language script behind Hakeemullah that looks visually like a canoe. Hakeemullah is dead, when they announced he was killed the same day a man called Ciancia ran into LAX shooting. After awhile it becomes preponderance. Dec 30/17 Iran/Ayatollah note the canoe. RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 4 RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 5 RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 6 Back 2 years or so ago, Diane Feinstein (usa gov’t) tossed the CIA torture papers on the floor, and one of the things was they had to hold their hands up in the air. Right immediately following that piece of info going public, the enemy Muslims ran the Chocolate Café ISIS killer in Australia. He had two female hostages hold an ISIS banner in the window, hands up, for hours. There was a Poster outside the restaurant with Beef Burger Barn b or comparable words on it, I said at the time they were using it for Bush the Baby Basher, with the wee b for baby. Turned out the ISIS killer was known for sending letters to the Australian troops families telling them their sons and daughters in the military were ‘baby killers’. Also back a few years, was the Protests in Ferguson, (usa) where they were mad over a cop shooting a black guy; they did ‘hands up don’t shoot’ this went on for years after. We had been working the Protests painting ties, and sticks, shields etc, and had also done the original rv paint when the cop shot the bad guy. It clearly showed one hand ‘up’ and here we do a horizontal/vertical flip often enough with the rest of the rv it was ‘reached in’ not ‘up’ in that particular case. Someone was in behind the scenes and objecting to our working back up tips, they were doing their own version of ‘reading’ what we worked on, and had it out as ‘hands up’. It never was, there was no rv of anyone doing hands up. I had just yesterday done Rocky statue page, with the ‘hands up’ emote that was so hotly NOT there. Someone showed up today with a focus on hands up and madder than shit over it showing so clearly. Black Lives Matter was first coined during Ferguson Protests. Now, they seem like they’ve been around for longer. But that wee kids hands up is nasty. And these are home invader, privacy invader officials letting enemy and mad enemy in at this ops in at tools to do things to people no really, and the matter needs outside intervention. Edmonton (loosely) is NOT working Security they are covering up ISIS and letting enemy do whatever they want with no resistance whatever. Omar was the youngest at GITMO; they seem to have kids in behind the scenes calling me a gerbel and letting them attack me with stealth tools, and no officials want to bother to stop them, they are now focused on the kids. There was also a threat recently regarding sewn lips and kids, a day care near, and an auto place ‘watching them’ and doing the threat chat. I have video of the Hindus running mummy wrapped heads small wee girls in the River Valley here locally right after Bin Laden was killed. The threat was sewn lips at the time. A year or so ago in Calais, France, 6 female invaders sewed their lips together. At the same time as the threat to sew the kids lips here, they also threatened to cut out David Letterman’s tongue, it was an Al Qaeda threat. Here is a photo of an Al Qaeda meeting with an ISIS flag way before the officials were telling the people about ISIS. RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 7 RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 8 There was a kid on Bin’s tent, with a pink Jester hat on, somewhat like the pink there. Small boy and the Hindus in Edmonton also ran a line of small boys before they did the wee girls in the River Valley. A few years back two female friends of Bin’s people were in Court, one worked in a day care, they wanted to use a pressure cooker bomb to kill cops at a cop’s funeral. Many times especially but not limited to Europe these days, the enemy want to kill cops as well as do Jihad. That’s pretty much like the ISIS attack here that they attempted to cover up. They were at a Stadium, with a General doing a coin toss inside and hit a cop outside, then his car, then got out and knifed him repeatedly then ran and got a U haul and targeted pedestrians in a crosswalk. Classic for attacks over in Europe these days, only it was here in Edmonton with a bona fide ISIS flag. And pretended away. Do you feel your kids are safe here in Edmonton? Me, I have a cat. Only indoors, since the Muslims tried to cut her tail almost all the way off. But that’s another story. Huh. After they covered up the ISIS flag and attack here, there was an attack in New York, running over bicycles and people, he wanted a Flag in his hospital room. Then there was a huge attack a bomb and then trucks of enemy shooting the people fleeing Sufi mosque in Egypt, with more Flags in their trucks. This is currently a mainstay of the Enemy and Invader attacks; I was on it correctly. The paid Officials who wanted it covered up, are NOT working in the people’s best interests at all. I bet the people would fire some of them. With all alarms sounding! If only they knew eh. Hence the Rat Papers. Muslims cut off hands, that’s not jihad that’s their normal, when we lived in East Pakistan in 1963/4 they were cutting them off, it’s also mentioned in the movie Hidalgo, his helper was there to avoid it. When Rouhani took over from Ahmadinejad in Iran, he signalled (it was a few months in) with both hands tucked up his sleeves. We said look out he’s going for the hand cutting they do. Right after in the States they had one imam trying to cut of someone’s hand. Not sure how that went down, the cops were called and stopped it in progress. The imam was ‘devout’ he had the big crater in his forehead they get from being so religious they bang their heads on the floor repeatedly towards Mecca. Shades of if you ask me. These paid officials think they can take money cover things over look good and mic-it-so. Man you can’t make this up. When they finally do slaughter it’s going to be pretty hard to just cover that one over eh Deadmonton. Hey, I work security back up when you can haul the paid abusers off of me! Probably that day care next door they ‘hold’ the kids in the chain link fence yard with sir auto doing threats with thread at the corner to go with the patch I did the corner sewn from supply sergeant and they have stripes paint on hardtop road in front of the school Allendale where Tim Uppal blue turban long black TRADITIONAL beard, hung his sign on front to the paki peppermint rapes, porn to London mosque end of eid end of day end of the road and witnesses for sober and deliberate. Faisal Rauf was the Peppermint Bride mike. With jamies…got it? They had me buy two pair of pjs at army navy hindu run store then did rauf at mic with the peppermint and bride and men looking … fat kid they were trying to get stuff for. Point? The arsehole Rauf had peppermint on his mic that matched the pjs. This is how many years later? And London with peppermint night shirts to match with the wee child porn and man is there anyone left out there? Or are you all CIA BRAINWASHED. Big time. was brennan fucking kids? His own? I mean come on where do you people draw the damn lines? You don’t RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 9 like me swearing? Wait until the Parents get ahold of you assholes. Under Mayor Mandel they at least had the Military come into the city with official rights to bear arms in ink public ceremony and rat round neck. Muskrat wasn’t it? Man that must have been ripe and the locals were mad over the female mayor wanting a replacement fur. What were they doing to it? Eh? Man …. SO WHEN THE FEMALES HAVE TO TAKE OVER …. What a bloody mess…. No, real ones not these turds and certainly not moi. Me? I would have them round up and shoot. Done. Home for lunchkies. Like I said fuzlool, wait until the women have to take over…no they got big broads with stuff fuzlool…and intent… We know they were black and from warm lands or warmer climate … they inserted the neighbour to say it went off ‘because it was so cold’ …we noted at the time it was warm in the hallway. I already had tests/training with the fire alarms can be triggered. We already know they can do that, that’s called a given. No they think it’s COLD out they’re not acclimatized. It’s actually fairly warm in the hall. They knew I had my vent off for an open window for fresh air, kitty and the odd not often puff. They thought it was make the hall cold there next to it. I have sand bags on my door. Almost always. They were on about remote viewed and they said I was remote viewed as a hater was it? Or mentally ill? I forget they ramble on I mostly ignore them. No one remote views another viewer for emotional commentary. Bogus doesn’t begin to cover it that was this morning early. They do the ‘sweetness’ thing I guess Edmonton or is it Canada is doing KIDDY PORN KIDDY WATCH ‘WATCH THE KIDS FOR ME’ man I wouldn’t want too many hindus or muslims babysitting would you? With that going on? Imagine, kiddy porn on Amazon at wee bicycles! And then they run over people on bicycles! Way way too much focus on the bikes, the kids and kid porn and peppermint and brides …man oh man And they want to cover it up? Slaughter of the lambs…in the Christian Bible and this is prime time Bible Belt here. And I bet they don’t want me to mention it. Mayor Don Iveson, the Ivy the little lamb and the ivy. He better start to wear a spike (you can get them from Fight Fast online) . For his own personal interests. So, anyone know what Zander did on Xmas? We can go paint … RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 10 UPDATE: Dec 31/2017 New Years Eve for 2018 Cops being set up and ambushed, looks like Odonnell was tossed by higher upper than the ONE he calls himself. Mad? We had this tid bit to go up, waiting on my desktop, in a folder for credits, even good ol’ tolerant I throw hissy fits on occasion. Might be Hindu wealth, via TM Transcendental Meditation and links to the former Beatles Guru the head TM in India, anti the British involvement in the wartime efforts. The British fought in the war with Islam lately. As well as other NATO countries, it’s a long interesting list if you ever see it. SK, Russia, China, Israel, all of them are working together with this ops to get tips on the enemy. Rats on enemy is what intel is mostly about. Rats is Eye. But yeah that sure looks like someone is tossing O’Donnell over the BP well ‘vibing’ fiasco. Ok, so here is what we had that he may or may not have blown and did a hissy fit with the tools for revenge and possibly wealth as a motive. (If he took pay for it.). I was the viewer that fixed the Deep Water Horizon Well. Any pay for the viewer should have gone to me. That’s just how ‘pay’ works. We’re getting a response on that one, they’re hurting my head for typing it in. huge. (FROM BEFORE, BACK A FEW YEARS AGO) Notes on the Deep Water Horizon well fix by myself and this ops: As to O’Donnell and his ‘vibing the bp well’ email, I got along with ten thousand others he had on his mailing list. I was on the official team we worked ages on it, weeks it may have been months or just over a month or two I forget now we worked long long days no time off it runs together I gave them the mosquito cost tip on the bs thing they made and took down and it made ice, mosquito coast made ice they tossed me on the team I gave them the long thin it countered the freezing at that one mi down distance hey it was two they had to go one down and back up if you don’t mind … a two mile fixer. So, the long thin we gave them the shark on their drop a shark bit it left pressure dropped slightly or whatever pressure or volume they had it anyway and it held then I gave them the final fix the critical component. You won’t cover this up in History if we have any. The Cable Splitter was essential to capping the well. They did not do it without it. And they carefully cut that out of the movie. How they fixed it, they left out of a blockbuster movie on it. Just happened to be mine, again. The media at the time showed full life size replica of the or scale size but it was pretty big of the cable splitter said they used 6 lines not the 4 I had shown, they increased it, and I got my photo board with stick credit from the guy in charge of the fix, Coastguard Adm Thad Allen. They had to increase the volume to the top, without increasing the width of the lines. Cable splitter. Done. Then it got more to the surface, decreased the pressure at the bottom so they could toss dirt on it and cap it or cap it then dirt it I guess was likely how they did it. But they didn’t do it without the cable splitter and their scientists did not use chemicals like they were thinking, ever. It was my fix all the way. The long thin and the cable splitter. They capped it after the cable splitter, not before. The critical fix component was mine. Both of them, actually, the long thin and the cable splitter. And that’s an historical fact. So O’Donnell and Dames have the same website now, dames used to do predictions web site now they beat on me until they get me screaming and ill from the beatings and say I am the devil and he is doing predictions and ….covering up Odonnell’s ‘vibing’ nonsense. And no, they were not on the team to fix the BP well disaster. I was. RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 11 *** That’s just an example, the upper hoities have buried all the accomplishments. Tried to, anyway. Big block buster movies, my work, not a single mention. Nada. kinda, They alluded to it in Zero Dark Thirty and in the book No Easy Day. If you know what they were on about. But that’s SEAL Team 6. Oh, and the BP well Coastguard Adm. Thad Allen in charge of the fix, gave me his photo ops with the cable splitter for confirmation and I assume, thanks. CIA Brennan used to give me credit, in the Super Noc usual method. If you need to know? Both, when he was NSA and then later CIA. Yeah, go figure, I earned it. Er, we earned it, since others work this too. Military and intel, security, cops, more Military, …like that. Lots of work, lots of security needs, and hits these days and intel to go around. So it’s just creepy when they get in behind the scenes kicking and committing sabotage on the remote intel ops, trash galore, and then we find out they were trying to set themselves up instead! The sheer nerve, eh. The upper hoities have buried all the accomplishments and discovery. Tried to, doing it so far. Big block buster movies, my work, not a single mention. Nothing in credits. Ingo Swann a former Stargate (Military) got all his credits, in public. They lost the funding they were supposed to give rv it's due credit. Instead they are now working it as another horrific agent orange on our own side. Developing what? Slavery, Forced Labour, and theft of intellectual and other property! And not one drop of law to help even it out. Nada. NASA set it up that way. I should have said sex slave they might actually read the damn thing. RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 12 RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 13 RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 14 Note on Jagmeet Singh in pink running for PM of Canada 2019, see his fingers? That’s just nasty they’re cutting off fingers, over in their Muslim lands they cut off whole hands. They will likely do it here if he ‘gets in’. Rouhani was doing ‘look ma no hands’ with both hands up his sleeves in Iran after he was in power. There had been a notice by Muslims in the States a few years ago, prior to Rouhani, saying that they were giving the Americans 5 years and then cutting off hands. After Rouhani did that, there was a Muslim Imam arrested, big crater in his forehead, a pious observer they get the crater from banging their heads on the ground towards Mecca a lot. The Imam was trying to cut off some poor Muslim guy’s hands, not sure how but someone alerted the cops and they stopped him. I haven’t heard of any since, if they did they may have covered them up from the public. Translates as that guy is seriously bad news. *** Oh, look, look … what we found online …so PROOF OF LIFE IBRAHIM, PROOF OF LIFE Jan 14/18 No I am not native, I am English speaking Canadian, German/Irish descent, 5th generation. Me at age 57: RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 15 RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 16 ** RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 17 The ‘hindu stick up’ was at the same time as the local Hindus ran a line of young boys, with a hindu at the end with a stick up in the air at about a 45 degree angle or so, at the corner near dusk as I was coming back from a park with the Military training on jet trails, turned on the tv, saw on Global news Peter MacKay unveiling new CF-18 Hornets, then they had Gaddafi on, doing ‘air camera’ clicking *we were doing a lot of camera picture taking for months, working local, and he had an elephant picture on the wall, with the Army&Navy store here local had a framed picture in the basement for many months, with a wee little boy, riding it. The boys line they ran was older but not very, around 10 yrs old. A few days after Bin Laden was terminated the Hindus ran a line of wee little girls way smaller than the boys, full mummy wrapped heads, with a hindu at the front and at the back of the single line, over a dozen of them, with another hindu at the back with a stick up in the air at about a 45 degree angle, and yelling loudly ‘In India….’ etc. That was post bin, in May 2011. The security are on my camera real time, they were watching as we took a video of the wee girls, and told me to tell the child protection services which I did as soon as I got home. The Mayor did a public ceremony to let the troops into the city with their weapons, 10 days after. We have a copy of the article. I have the video of the wee girls being run by the hindus on an inert SD card in a fire proof box. A good one. That is a small boy on bin’s tent in pink with like a medieval court jester’s hat on for garb. There is other material we have over the years but yeah they’re definitely in and on the kids. Beck found kiddy porn like I found online looking at small frame bicycles. That was right on the same time they had the Muslims running over the eid Mosque in London, England, with the pink/white nightshirt on one of them, and they had me scroll further down the online shopping page to see pink/white bicycles and further down the wee girl ‘kiddy porn’. I couldn’t get off the page fast enough! I think Beck was similarly affected. It’s shocking and it’s current. They want the tiny little children for Muslim Men’s ‘sex slaves’. Beck has a video clip online I have a copy of it, with a muslim female saying a spiel on how they all want them taken over to their lands and then paid for them. I guess they tweaked it for over here now, under the current Cdn leaders with Jagmeet Singh a Sikh in a Pink head garb, NDP New Democrat Party, like the ladies in pink the USA Democrats used to pay for anti war anti security harassments. Anyway suffice it to say they’re in, they want sex, they want women and children and they want to pervert our men to want it too, seems to be their big plan. With all the XXX movies etc, I mean porn not the action movie, they likely think our people are rotten enough to go for it! I think some might be homesick and need to get passage back to their lands. Huh. * Beck found kiddy porn in some magazine…blowing fuses. And then some… Update: jan 22/18 Ok so they did their threats-kies with children, using Netflix, Open House, open mailbox, phishing email from ‘netflix’ and arranged for one order to be sent twice, one to have it an open mailbox, with intimidation of stealing by a neighbour, and it’s ‘Girl Next Door’ poster horror movie to go with ‘Jihadist Next Door’ a UK terrorist clip with the hit on eyes and dark glasses on the terrorist in the clip, with the Girl Next Door poster under the FISH poster, it’s about (and I just looked it up recently RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 18 horrifyingly enough, Fish was a serial child killer doing cannibalism. Here is the photo …note the pink and blue for girls and boys…ask beck was there pink and/or blue involved? They enemy hostile are using it lately … Pink lips blue under collar EDMONTON (etc) watch your kids, lock your doors, windows and watch your mail. Back a few years ago, post Benghazi hit, 9/11 2012, the enemy side poured out from mosques etc for months showing us they were organized all over the world and anti our people. For weeks on end covered solid on tv cable news. During it, Nasrallah the black turbaned Hezbollah did an odd they said, rally, he had small children on shoulders carrying them, wearing pink and blue. Nasrallah just took Lebanon by vote. I am off the buses over the black turbaned Sikhs doing blanks, arranged missing buses with gps showing they went by on half hour routes, that gave them a solid hour if they did hijack a bus. I saw a movie years ago prior to 9/11 about how Terrorists hijacked buses. Not into it myself I am now NOT on the bus. Suffice it to say they were doing ‘other’ on the bus as well. Next page is the older one-of threats they did and seem to be attempting a redo now, to these horror movie posters. The Hatchet was already left by the FBI at San Bernardino massacre, the day after they arranged to ‘hit’ my eye with scratches. The ‘Girl Next Door’ has scratches all over it, online sales of the dvd, also horror. Fish I just looked up. So… I was just ordering Pink Diamond a fountain of youth like cream sold by Prince William’s Katherine they are aka Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The horror posters are in the same building as the Cambridge Daycare, same front door. Someone rearranged my order to be sent twice …they called me a ‘battle axe’ … the blah blah as you can see they do like to threaten, these Terrorists Is Us gang. But they also hit. I think that was sabotage on that nice order and no I do not think she was the Vitch looking to cook your kids! If I’m wrong, eh. So, watch your kids, and lock your doors and windows and mail boxes. They were definitely doing that page - same day, Netflix ‘phishing’ email for FISH - on Netlix, Open House; they sent to wrong address (no apt #) for Open House Open Mailbox, for steal -ing, (odd female tenant) for GIRL NEXT DOOR - calling me a battle axe for HATCHET. So? FRONT is the other poster I didn’t get yet, they wanted me to ‘sit out front’ to watch for the mail. Ten bucks. RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 19 RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 20 Jan 23 Was it the black turban Sikh delivery man? It was during the ‘shutdown’ and they did two solid nights of extra hard abuse on me. IT WAS A BICYCLE HELMET. First time ever I got a smashed in package. IBRAHIM’s people hitting the gateway to the oil. See below, they’re doing bicycles to Ibrahim. HEY IBRAHIM PROOF OF LIFE ….they can’t RUSSIA GOT HIM. RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 21 RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 22 Update Jan 23 /18 * they replaced the missing bus shelter …whew. Normal returns …. Jan 27/18 ISIS attacked ‘Save the Children’ office in Jalalabad, Afghan. Suicide car bomb then RPGs. Killed 3 staff, injured 4. - myself being just hammered on sleep deprivation 6 nights, along with other abuse, being repeat threatened with ‘plenty lets just start shooting her’. Likely for ratting the enemy here and their focus on the children. Officials corrupted. No one left to inform, just this Rat Paper. Update: remote intel Feb 12/18 Ok so we knew that the Enemy and their buddies were doing the universal soldier/omar with kurt then up comes the odd stealth on a page with kurt’s the thing. No I was just looking for the drone. I had no idea it was on it. I picked up on it in the paints, their goofy stealth drone. Now with omar in the mix they likely were doing movie covers for theme imagery and cover. Making our things theirs. What they call what we do they do back at us. They’re in with support from the movie stars and clueless wonders at the universities. Pink and pink/white and lavender. None of them do security for our side they get in the way and deliberately. They call it hater and conscientious obstruction. So, they showed. Because they took the Clinton hammer to that other pc last time (my skype herr generals etc were in the front start up run, it’s gone now. Some of them like a ghost in the machine. They deleted the skype start up where they were showing.) and they had me delete all my material from it to give to randy then showed me his thieves there so why would you? You wouldn’t. so no pc ‘gift’ it was just a way to get me to delete everything. Gone was the grey stealth. With the spidey legs. They did pink tight covered muslim garb rape to dream insert on same photo, same time when I was in finding that stealth all by myself. With no doubt iran’s influence now that we know. So they just did another one with the someone ratted her to me a couple or so weeks ago another dream insert, not so many lately it stood out, that it was done by matta g TM (the head of all TM is in India, he is the same Guru the Beatles used. Might be dead now, and not friendly at all to our side in the war.) I have no loathing word for that matta g, and the dream insert was with white and pink, for the bunker buster and showing RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 23 with the parts out like in the troops folder I have up on the desktop for a that’s a nice gun showing I might put in a page for sure folder is up. France I like horses but you know that’s just picked up on the ‘light brown’ color and the spike on that helmet always looks like that it’s good but it’s so damn light I think the people wouldn’t see it. Maybe. The other one shows nice. So that’s what I was on, and we already know they spin off the stuff on the desktop for their makie arranged hits themes. We are onto russell and the big deal lately here for a long time actually as in long time lately, was me the big nut nothing you could do about it, they just tossed out anything else. Making it so. Royal proclamation. I am not. Not what? Oh a nut. Yeah that’s just their bs I am not a paranoid schizophrenic they also call me working on anything at all for my personal security as ‘violence’ … absolutely. Not getting anything here it was showing earlier and I slept a bit, and now nothing. Well they move stuff around … anyway that’s not good they did russell inspirations for - drone (the thing) ok sure I’ll give you it might have been a descriptive for them on the russell stuff but it could also be something for Israel to watch out for they might use misdirection like a red herring, you’re on the drone that you can see and they use that to send in another stealth off the radar? Or some such bs. I do NOT know I just follow along the best I can and see what they can use, my dots to their dots. - Russian jet hit. Pink/white and nails. Iran and omar. Russell up on omar. Wolves/ok sure time frame what was on the desktop or the same deal for the seals showing as in ‘up’ … the one page had the stuff sticking up and I had (I forget where I saw it I think it was on a page, it’s not important it’s just something I noticed) we had the snorkel up. They’re he said miming. That’s not miming and the fat kid is not psychic. They are running parallel. Matrix. Oh I forgot that was the dream Keanu ‘kissing me’ the dream insert a few weeks ago I already noted. No I would not be kissing Keanu. Poor Keanu. We call that stark. They’re in and on top of us scribbling and ruining our things and on top of things, over top of, like the pink diamond with the over top of writing on the tracking. They’re coming in as gin was pine needles … they’re coming in as Cordoba. That was Feisal rauf at new york ground zero. The one guy at the trump fireplace construction talk was doing roof rauf is like Chicago o was up today. We had him for a pink yellow same dvd copy as the odd iran stealth. Tey ran sweets to. And used dream inserts. - drone - dream inserts - Russian jet - wolves (valentine’s day theme hits: nails, hearts, colors) - maps (tags, and more valentine’s day themes: kissing, love, stars, cheetahs) - dirty fisa/ink - phones/phonies/cells (kim was busy and happy. They’re a new generation. The new king of Arabia said women could drive. Unheard of progress. The new next guy is younger and wants to join in the world and stop the stupid jihad. ) RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 24 This media fox is usually savvy and our side friendly. Not lately. And I know the difference from year 12 with ten solid … they’re skewing things. Pretending their gal is the intel, pretending I was just stove piping, pretending that there is war with Russia and china …really? You think they wouldn’t be hitting you if they were? I do. They’re goofy those are just a couple of examples. They are bringing in old faces no one knew before or will see again as well as new young guys and gals who spiel and j for jihad showed. It’s the Regimes furious and using Media strings to try to bring their Power back as the ONLY in. trump is just the not them they’re having hissy fits over. It could have been anyone other than their tight group the ‘closed ring’ is on the top of the pyramid as horizontal on one cover of the stargate and the closed circle is also vertical on the universal soldier cover. The University and the hindu ‘s goofy We Rule the Universe is showing. Omar is just their pawn but he is ENEMY and lethal. Loot and weapons. The Cdn Rulers set him up that way and then set up the spies to be taken out or tossed into oblivion chambers. I think russell likely supports his troops I don’t think for a minute he is in on any subversive program. The enemy are in using the themes and covers for their Front. Tv is off. I was just happy to sleep. The inserts are likely done for now that we have them ratted. Canadians are unarmed. Mostly. The enemy here are in among us and not doing our laws. They show as armed. Uppal had his cousin with gun, ammo illegal, and ten thousand cash and drugs three kinds. The only drug that is not seriously harmful is the pot the others are occasional imbuement IMBIBEMENT is changing to imbuement. I’ll try imbuement no lead out the e and it still changes. And the hard drugs are dangerous always. Recreational, and hard and super hard. Jagmeet wants them ALL made legal. That’s horrific. They would be injecting your kids in the school yards making them junkies and speed freaks etc and then hooking them for whores for allah. That’s likely not what mom and dad had in mind. jag meet is dangerous, but that said he won’t be in long if he takes over they will start shooting. No idea, if you don’t outsiders will! WE ARE NOT LEBANON. Imagine having to say that. WE ARE NOT LEBANON. so, what’s up? I can’t use any of this in any makie book I am just trying to get on the right page for what these assholes are doing. They sure are blatant … but some fof that was hidden I just got onto omar and had it. The wolf head in the paint with the Russian plane. Omar + Valentine’s Day + pink/white and pink/diamond hit VS SEALs and I have stuff. Nope that’s it. Oh Steele. He was de Spies. UK steele Russia snowden Canada moi US Flynn USSF was in the one movie, they used the TO on face for a match to letters on plane. RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 25 So for a MATRIX they have wolf/heart to go with wolves/sure wolverines and /water/snow/ice. The thing is …. Temperature. Warm hearted, ice cold. Could be just a spin off that guy in the ice tub in the movie, regeneration. They do next gen. re gen and next gen. Yeah and? Oh anarchists, weather underground, the Fordo underground secret nukes. Reeks of underworld and underground. This is all pretty obvious if you’re watching it from here gosh I barely have time for the phonies! And the winner is … EMP. Te emperor … kinda it seems circular … the ayatollah was doing a worm orbouros however you spell that on his neck … designed for circular. Sure rings, bride stein. BRIDENSTEIN another wedding chat spiel. You know the fbi used to report that they followed a lot of enemy muslim terrorist chat couched in ‘wedding, dating, marriage, etc’ terms. The fbi is being shook up and the enemy were using a lot of encription gosh I thought that’s how it was spelled. The encryption … ten bucks there are hits at easter. Iran had purple background on one of the up front in the media camera eye signs, at their Shahab show they did sure veils, face veils and wedding veils one ad on tv has pink wedding veil on it … I wonder if they are in trying to redo old lines? Enemy lines. Sure I was on it there earlier the behind the enemy lines thing. The invaders are in and it’s showing and now it’s looking like they are attempting to what? Link in with underground channels? He said black magic. I was thinking more black market. Pot is going legal and the wall is looking good for eventually in the States. Now is their time for it. He started to rape at me. Not sure why they weren’t until now. Must be onto something round tunnel entrances? Smugglers. Heart ramp. Yeah that’s likely it. And jag meet wants all drugs legal so they can corner the market for one. And make it available for another. That border between states and us is looking pesky to them. That pesky border line. Dems and New Dems. All I had was gin, vodka, and rum the other day. Prohibition and Black Market concerns. Well it’s ripe for timing. And a lot of bucks and heavy addictions on the line. Probably crazy not to have been on it as a priority coming in for trouble. Pot? Is nothing. But it’s going to rock their apple cart. Badly. I am working … sure I had two sips lately wow call the news … I don’t know what that has to do with this except for Trouble is Trouble I guess. Cops would be on it. Maybe they need those SHIELDS I keep pushing for more than ever … and patrols might need to be tweaked …if it’s showing here … Israel is up and they have concerns with the enemy tunnels but this seems to be broader. Not just over in their usual hoods. And stuff. Mayday murder and mayhem. No I didn’t have it except for making the distinction ‘white/pink’ and post had mail as a thought along RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 26 with it. Fbi was up … and seems to be drugs is going to be hot for a bit … I don’t work drugs or gangs it was bad for it to be showing here but that is likely linked to the white power if it was anything and not just a scare. Anthrax was it not? Bloomberg mention, boston marathon we had blossoms they tried to say it was outside fbi doorway where they took the stuff, they covered up that there was a second pressure cooker bomb plot to hit NY …they were mad in NY after. It was another time I mentioned Bloomberg. And saw and reported pink white spring blossoms in the paints. Same deal almost like a re run. Sent it to the Pres. I think they did others too. Why was she opening a letter in the first place? It is usually some poor schmo in the mail room that gets it. Hey WH white house white pink …. To ho … on the plane wasn’t it? To ho. Return to sender and to and from on my mailing tube paint to brian. To ho. One of the ian fleming bond movies was From Russia With Love they might be trying for a two fer. Booze, 24 beer. To Russia and from Russia. Was it Russia? Hardly they just got hit with 71 dead on a passenger plane. Was it Alberta? Maybe they were flashing all thru the typing today. Omar connected. The Wolf man …the mom wore the red cape the other day we had the Tarot card up. Red Riding Hood and the HO then od changes to Hood. O and little o …. Oh so that’s what this was for I kinda wondered he is on about spoof there is no spoof here the enemy cry spoof and hit. I guess they got that did they? We had what we call pointers he said after the fact actually they were psychic impressions picked up on precog fashion before the hit and just basically reading the bad guy ahead of the hit … there is no prediction here as such although being 5d it includes the 4d, 3d, 2d and 1d … but this is not a prediction machine. We do remote intel and follow and suggest tweaks etc and help id with what we were picking up on. Eg would be the Soldier thing that the enemy are obviously flaunting with as their big Inspire right now. Oh we know I had enough on that one I mentioned UPS package bombs too, in the mail on the planes. They were in packages to be delivered. Actually one did hurt a mail room guys hand it blew over in germany I think they didn’t get them all stopped. There were several packages. I worked it, we had those books I just showed you said I thought it was wrists slit it was maybe throat. They had less than half an hour to defuse the one package bomb that would have blown up a plane over the ocean if we had not been on them. I was working it all day Sunday and they delivered to me the books with the threats, on Monday morning mail. With the other stuff we had been on, they showed enough that the Arabs coughed up the package bombs on the Somalian planes, UPS packaged printers it RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 27 was in the ink. The Petn bomber did that one, just saw his photo up on top of the other Russian Sinai peninsula Sharm el Sheik plane hit, page. He was already dead I think but the signature I think they call it for who makes bombs was showing so it might have been one of the ones he taught. They said there were others at his training for making bombs place. They almost seem a small inner circle and flaunting it. That is in the I Ching, remove the ringleaders and spare the followers. Now that would have been an exciting movie. Ben flashed. Watch for it Britain. Big Ben and Ben Ben is the Obelisk behind the White House. Gosh I would say watch for bombs on planes but poor Russia already ‘got it’. Maybe not a bomb this time but it was that other one, the plane full of Russian tourists. The titles were Regeneration and Return. The ‘return’ and the mail we got. They may be doing Re Runs not just Runs. Sort of from say, oh I don’t know, maybe ‘if Clinton Re Runs for Pres.’. Could be FBI sent it to you, a veiled threat …. Not real but could’a been. Reels, they did show me reels like 8 mm the other day. Movie reels. Real our reality here is surfacing. Next time it could be real. Why was she opening mail? Not to blame anyone but it might show someone was using ‘influence’ on them, subliminals to bypass regular security. Watch your doors etc. The enemy use open doors a lot and we as Stargate were known as a Door as well as the I Ching ‘windows’. …suggestions of Simon Templar, the Saint, also did Bond. Someone suggested it. I am just typing in. Pre Easter maybe. Iran was showing the yellow and purple. Iran mad over the 3 months deadline and their nukes deal and funding. White and pink ….did I think blossoms? No we are not 3d linear here. But I picked up on Bloomberg, pressure cooker bomb plots, and du bist eine blume. Spring Blossoms … was the other cover up for that Anthrax in the mail. More on the wedding themes. Oh I see it was Trump Jr’s wife. The ‘bride’. the Wife. Enemy hot on trying to work in their baby brides, huge on it lately, that’s most of the underlying reason for the porn and other bogus stuff going on, again white and pink for a color theme. Not sure what Beck had but he found some he blew fuses over too. The old person sweater gang. That was just a few years ago too that he was still a human by age. Pink in the same dvd we had pulled up earlier today was the hot pink lotuses in the Sideshow Gallery next to the Baba Theatre (Hinduism). And matta g doing the dream inserts lately did the pink/white nails that were so vivid and memorable even after all those weeks of solid heart ramp and sleep deprivation. What got them onto white/pink? We found the folder also on same dvd of the Bunker Busters. Seal was on the bunk bed. They killed him while they had my nose to the grindstone with a ‘kid held hostage by madman taken from bus held in an underground Bunker’. Those pages just went in the other day. (that one nice minister took the time to say god bless to me the other day, after the phonies were doing susan for the seals in the site and I blew fuses. Graham is it? Something, I think he’s ok, does Reality 101) Not exactly Godless here. Oh sure maybe it was, Ricin. Thanks, I think they did Anthrax too so watch that mail for a bit. This? Likely just to scare them. RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 28 Pink and white, bunker busters. All over this ops for those SEALS going up. The American Sniper and then the water world gang. Alberta? Omar. (and Amerjeet was bad, also a bit ago was Uppal. And the Sikhs. ) Ottawa? Jagmeet. And Sikh 2nd to last name, Singh, head of the Canadian Military. Liberal Party, Herr Trudeau. They are doing Brits, lavender, and Iran red/white, and Dems/New Dems. Pink/white? Bet they already knew, they had enemy in FBI and Political Opposition. Both sides of the border Cdn/USA. You’re not working it if you keep pretending Canada is ok. The Canucks the people are like your people, pretty much. Mixed bag but not hostile. It’s these uppers who are in Power that are off. It must be dealt with. We don’t go from that to ‘the daughter’ … you are in error. That’s more in line with the current attack line. Ricin for wedding rice. Mosscow hit, don’t forget the Hindu sacred cows. They’re going to get you , Pakistan pakidstan showed. RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 29 RATZ ENEMY zombie rat 30 They hit the drone that Iran sent, Syria then hit a jet and two Israeli bailed, Israel is sounding furious. In case I look this up later it doesn’t hurt to get it all down for surrounding what’s up. Looks more organized for more of our side hit at same time, their version of nearby and near in time for simultaneous, the Clock likely. Same time frame as I wo


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