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HIGH QUALITY ARTIST PAINT BRUSHES | PAINTING BRUSH MANUFACTURER www.kolibri-brushes.com 121 years of tradition Handmade in Germany Since 1898 our family business has been manufacturing a huge assortment of artist brushes, hobby brushes, school paint brushes, cosmetic brushes, brushes for nails, for restorers as well as various hair and bristle brushes for a wide range of other applications in trade and industry. Soon the Company had to be expanded and in 1903, our headquarters were established in Burk, Germany, where it is still situated. The first customers of the company lived in the neighborhood, but soon costumers in foreign countries, especially in the south and south-east Europe, became loyal customers. A lot of different brush- shapes and a vast selection of best natural and artificial hairs and bristles are ideally for every artist supply store. We are manufacturing brushes from smallest sizes for finest details up to XXL-brushes for big paintings. We supply high quality to modest prices and offer perfect and fast service. You can be sure you will be satisfied to choice our brushes. A Short History of our traditional brush manufacture Our traditional kolibri brush manufacture was established in 1898 in Bechhofen, a small city in Bavaria, Germany. The founder Karl Feurer established a small brush Factory where he produced a wide range of the finest hair and quill brushes. Soon the Company had to be expanded and in 1903, our headquarters were established in Burk, Germany, where it is still situated. During the 1930’s Feurer & Sohn established a market in the British Kingdom and the United States of America. The name “kolibri” was not yet featured as a brand name for high quality handcrafted paint brushes. In this time – more than 85 years ago – the customers in the United States needed much time from the order until to receive the artist brushes. Only the order needed more than 3 weeks from New York to Burk in Germany by post mail. School and Hobby New attractive brush assortment for school & hobby. The brushes are made of synthetic pony hair-better than the natural pony hair. The synthetic pony hair holds form well, has good elasticity, is durable and doesn’t lose hair. The handles are complete water-based, low-solvent varnished. We offer a complete assortment of round, flat and wide brushes. ■ “Colourful Hobby” brush assortment ■ synthetic pony hair ■ round, flat & wide brushes ■ tin ferrules ■ solvent free, water-based varnished handles Contact Us Feurer & Sohn GmbH Germany Beyerberger Str. 1 91596 Burk / Germany E-Mail: post@kolibri-pinsel.de Phone: +49 9822 7433 Fax: +49 9822 7436 www.kolibri-brushes.com


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