bobsweep review presentation

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bobsweep review ep Jens Martensson 2 Aspiration and polishing of floors are a necessity in any home. Now you can finally get rid of this task, and your home will shine clean without putting a little strain on you! Jens Martensson 3 Navigation sensors recognize the walls or other obstacles and the device will change its travel direction. Jens Martensson 4 Sensors at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner recognize stair steps or other level drops so that the appliance can not fall. This way, your little help is guided through the home without the need for surveillance. Jens Martensson 5 Its small size and compact shape allow the vacuum cleaner to access narrow spaces just below the furniture. To prevent it from being locked in smaller spaces than its dimensions, the vacuum cleaner is provided with two stops at the front. Jens Martensson 6 Enjoy the clean and shiny floors without effort, with bobsweep Robot! Jens Martensson 7 For more details about this robot visit link:


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