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Advantages of Studying Fashion Designing The world of fashion has also emerged as one of the premier industries of the modern world; where designers, manufactures, merchandisers and retailers come together in order to create new designs and styles of clothing and accessories. The profile of fashion designers comprises of a wide spectrum that involves researching, making optimum use of available resources, and ultimately creating designs that would appeal to the masses. Fashion designers get to enjoy a number of glamorous employment avenues, both in the country and abroad. Students interested in this field can enroll themselves into one of the best fashion design colleges in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore or some other metro city known for its reputed colleges and universities offering professional courses. Advantages of studying fashion designing Vast range of work opportunities: A person would be able to seek employment for a number of positions after studying fashion designing. While the role of fashion designers or costume designers are the most popular amongst people studying fashion designing, they can also opt to become upholsterers, sample machinists and pattern graders. These individuals will also have the required skills to become a stylist and personal shopper. Opportunities for progression: The industry of fashion has ample room for progression in terms of both compensation and profile. Fashion professionals get a lot of opportunities for promotions and pay rises. A glamorous profession: The fashion industry boasts of incredible glamour and creativity, and people belonging to this field often get the opportunity to work with clients from distinguished background and culture. They get to network with fashion moguls across the globe and take part in the glamorous fashion events across the world. Best place to study fashion designing GD Goenka School of Fashion & Design (SOFD), which is a part of the renowned GD Goenka University, is essentially the best Fashion Design College in Delhi. The prime objective of this institution is to offer high quality education in selected areas of Fashion and Design, and to create a generation of creative professional designers.


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GD Goenka University is one of the most reputed and reliable universities operating in the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi. The university offers a diverse range of programs and courses, such as engineering, architecture, communication and fashion diplomas and degrees. It has been recognized as one of the best private engineering colleges in Delhi ncr.


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