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Thai is the only style of food that I could eat three meals a day for the rest of my life and be deliriously happy. The Thai create dishes, whose ingredients, when separated from the whole, stink and look inedible, but when joined with the others creates an explosion of flavours Kai yang marinated, grilled chicken Khao niao Sticky rice is eaten as a staplefood both in the northeast as in the north of Thailand. Jump to Friendly and fun people - Thais aren't so friendly that they will go out of their way to talk to anyone who walks by. They do respect your privacy. Contact Us: Phone no.: 020 6267261 Email: info@royal-thai.nl Visit: Address: Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 94 1017 NM, AMSTERDAM Website: https://royal-thai.nl/

Firstly, you have to be particular about each and everything that you are going to use for making your dishes in the kitchen. Use if and only if you use to with the kitchen equipment. Is this your first time in the kitchen? If yes, then take advice from the expert person in the home who completely use to with all the kitchen equipment.
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IF your tastes stretch to the exotic and mysterious Far East, then you’ve to head for the city centre .There, you will find Exotic Thai, where the extensive authentic menu includes soups, thai salads,appetizers,vegetarian starters before you even get to the main course options featuring a great choice of fish dishes, such as king prawn, crab, and squid not to mention the range of Chef’s special dishes. Food is served in traditional Thai dishes and you will find the excellent waiter service attentive and helpful, and ready with advice on each of the delicious dishes.
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