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docleaf communiqué a docleaf Communiqué Crisis round-up Communiqué Issue 15 | Oct 10 2007 Dear Reader Welcome to this week's edition of the Communiqué - as the days get shorter and the summer drifts into our distant memories, we have a round up of some of the news that caught our eye this week. Our lead story features something we have all suspected went on for some time- that of posting fake reviews on user-generated websites. Our article shows you to how best to do it! Also in this issue: l Media training programme - additional date added l The Art of FRO - Fake Review Optimisation l Cultural Perspectives on Trauma and Crisis l Is Sorry Always the smartest word? l How NOT to handle an online reputation crisis l Crisis Briefs Please keep sending your feedback, both good and bad as we are keen to keep this communiqué as relevant as we can to our readers. You can email me at Thanks as always, Andy Jarosz, Editor. file:///C|/Source%20code/docleaf/Oct1007/oct1007print.html (1 of 4)10/10/2007 09:18:21 docleaf communiqué Media Training - another date added Due to exceptional demand following our article in the last issue, we have decided to add another date to our media tranining schedule - Wednesday December 12th. We offer a comprehensive media training day, that will enable senior spokespeople to represent their company in a positive light, even in the most difficult times. The full day programme will involve intensive individual sessions in front of cameras, and detailed feedback on your performance in a simulated setting. The programme is aimed at CEOs, MDs, or anyone who will be expected to face the press when an incident occurs. The cost of the workshop is only £700 per delegate (ex VAT). Each delegate will receive a certificate to show they have completed the docleaf Media Training Programme. Sessions will involve a maximum of 6 delegates. Alternatively you may choose to hire out a media training day for your own company, at a cost of £3,000 + vat. Click here for more details. If you would like to book places at these sessions, or would like further information, please contact me (andy. or 01923 681224). > Back to top The Art of FRO - Fake Review Optimisation We have all seen the reviews that read something like: "The best meal I ever had. Alan, the Head Chef, is a genius!!" or "beautiful tasteful decor in the room, and lovely attentive hotel staff made our stay a real pleasure", and wondered if these were written by real customers, or by the business owners themselves. Andy Hagans, in his Tropical SEO website, suggests that many people are posting self-reviews, and provides a helpful guide to those who want to join this shady trend in the most succsssful way. Read Andy Hagans' full article here: file:///C|/Source%20code/docleaf/Oct1007/oct1007print.html (2 of 4)10/10/2007 09:18:21 docleaf communiqué Cultural Perspectives on Trauma and Crisis "Cultures are a means for sharing wisdom and skills that are necessary to the survival of the community, the individual and the community area of humanity. Therefore, our culture shapes how we identify and interpret the threat of traumatic events and how we manifest our distress in response to these events." So says Kris Sieckert, writing in the National Organisation for Victim Assistance (NOVA) response training manual. She emphasises how it is important that crisis responders attempt to understand their own cultural identities as they reach out to serve others.. Read the full article here: Is Sorry Always the smartest word? There is an increasingly accepted view that all CEOs must be well versed in the art of apologising to their consumers. There are many recent examples of public remorse from top executives. But is it always wise to be so openly humble? Leon Gettler suggests that there are 10 questions that the CEO should consider before rushing out with an apology. For his views, read here: How NOT to handle an online reputation crisis What if your customers start to post their grievances online? What would you do? Here is the remarkable story of the Amercian "Video Professor" who decided to sue 100 people who posted negative reviews on a consumer watchdog site, saying that they had been ripped off. Read on here: file:///C|/Source%20code/docleaf/Oct1007/oct1007print.html (3 of 4)10/10/2007 09:18:21 docleaf communiqué Crisis Briefs A convent in southern Italy is being shut down after a quarrel among its last three remaining nuns ended in blows, press reports said Sunday. Sisters Annamaria and Gianbattista, reportedly upset about their mother superior's authoritarian ways, scratched her in the face and threw her to the ground at Santa Clara convent near Bari in an incident in July that was kept quiet until now. Archbishop Giovanni Battista Pichierri tried to reconcile the nuns but finally decided in late August that they had "clearly lost their religious vocation" and asked the Vatican for permission to close the convent. Sisters Annamaria and Gianbattista moved to another convent, but Sister Liliana barricaded herself inside, refusing to leave, the reports said, adding that she suspected Battista Pichierri of planning to cede the convent to another community. Liliana has been at the convent since its founding in 1963. (AFP) And finally a domestic crisis to report...... A Czech couple who decided to take a DNA test to squash persistent pub gossip and prove that their 10-month-old baby was their own got a nasty surprise. The couple, from the southeastern town of Trebic, had some doubts about the child as her hair was blonde and they both had dark hair. Fellow drinkers' suspicions got on their nerves. But the test showed neither of the parents had the same DNA as the baby, Czech news agency CTK reported on Wednesday, suggesting a mix- up at the hospital. Authorities were looking into the case. (Reuters) A collection of past eNews articles can be found at here: Please visit our website at Address: docleaf, Building 9, BRE, Bucknalls Lane, Watford.WD25 9XX. UK file:///C|/Source%20code/docleaf/Oct1007/oct1007print.html (4 of 4)10/10/2007 09:18:21


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