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PERMISSION SLIP FOR FIELD TRIP ____________________________ _____________________ (Facility’s Name) (Today’s Date) ____________________________ (Name of Class) has a special field trip planned and would like your permission to take your child. Date of trip_________________________ Departure Time_____________________ Location of Trip_____________________ Return Time________________________ Phone ___________________________ Method of Travel____________________ Drivers(s)____________________________________________________________ To give permission, please sign the lower half of the permission slip and return it to the class by __________________________ (Date) (keep the top half for your information) (cut along dotted line and return this half) PERMISSION SLIP FOR FIELD TRIP Child’s name _________________________________________________________ (Last) (First) I give permission for my child to attend with ________________________________ (Name of Class) staff on a field trip to ____________________________ on ____________________ (Location of Trip) (Date) I can be reached at _______________________ during the hours of the field trip. (Phone Number) ______________________________________ ________________ Signature of parent/guardian Date

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