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Velofel – Fake Pills [UPDATED] Review & Side Effects Erectile dysfunctions are still a taboo subject in our country and an embarrassing problem to say the least. It is therefore not surprising that men stay away as much as possible from sexologists. Erection disorders and reduced libido are usually temporary problems. Resulting from too much work or a constantly stressed pace of life. That’s why a natural remedy was invented for the typical problems of male sexuality. We are talking about Velofel – a vegetable food supplement created based on ingredients that can increase libido and reduce erectile dysfunction. Does this product worth using? Or Is Velofel work? We will answer this and other important questions in the following review. What is Velofel and how does it work? Velofel is erection pills registered as a dietary supplement to support male sexuality. It is therefore not a drug. If used regularly, the product increases libido and eliminates erection problems. The ingredients used in the product make it possible to overcome the typical sexual dysfunctions and regain full efficiency in bed. Besides, the product provides energy, makes it more self-confident and aware of its value, thus improving man-woman relationships. The ingredients contained in the Velofel pills prevent erectile dysfunction and the regular use of the product for at least a few weeks leaves long-term positive effects. Moreover, Velofel increases sexual efficiency. Men who use the preparation can make love more often and longer, achieving greater satisfaction from the relationship. The most important advantage of the product concerns the action of Velofel on the blood vessels. It acts directly on the microcirculation, in this way the sexual stimulation causes erections that allow the consummation of the embrace in a complete way and without unpleasant surprises. According to the manufacturer, regular use of the Velofel supplement stimulates the production of the most important male sex hormone, namely testosterone. • What is the composition of Velofel? • According to the information contained on the websites that advertise the product, Velofel is composed exclusively of plant extracts and amino acids. • L-Arginine: • One of the ingredients is l-arginine hydrochloride, responsible for the production of nitrogen oxide. In turn, this compound causes the dilation of the blood vessel walls, improving the blood flow and transporting nutrients to the tissues. Thanks to the better circulation, the member fills more quickly with blood following sexual stimulation, causing an erection. L-arginine is one of the most common ingredients found in natural supplements against impotence. • Maca Root: • The second ingredient contained in the Velofel pills is the extract of maca root, used for centuries as a natural remedy for erection problems. It increases libido, inhibits erectile dysfunctions, provides energy, accelerates regeneration and improves the process of muscle building. Also, the extract of maca root contributes to the production of sperm, so it can be used as a compound to support fertility. • How much do Velofel pills cost? • The price of a pack of Velofel pills is 39 dollars. One pack contains 10 tablets, which are therefore sufficient for a cure of only 10 days. Since the manufacturer recommends using the product for a minimum period of 3 weeks, it is advisable to buy at least 3 or even 4 packs of the product. The cost of one month of treatment, therefore, amounts to 156 dollars. • Where to buy Velofel? • The best thing is to order the Velofel supplement directly on the manufacturer’s official website. In this way, we have the guarantee of full compatibility between the product purchased and the one advertised on the internet. Furthermore, the product is available in various online drugstores at much lower prices, thanks to which we can save considerably. • • Visit Info :-


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