Different Ways To Insulate Your Basement

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Different Ways To Insulate Your Basement Insulation is one of the most challenging problem that basements have. Having cooler temperatures and high moisture levels, are the very reason, why basements propose a challenge in insulation. And more often than not incorrect installation of basement insulation is one of the most common and pressing error. It could even lead to disastrous results with some severe problems in terms of mildew and mold. And not to mention the bill savings that mounts up over time because of the loss of heating. So, basement needs to be given utmost importance. • Understanding the Problem • Different Methods to Insulation • Basement Insulation Vapour Barriers • Spray or Board type Closed Cell Foam • Hybrid Approach Article Source:- https://www.storeboard.com/blogs/general/different-ways-to- insulate-your-basement/748996

To achieve the finished basement scenario, you can take the hybrid approach which consists of fiberglass and foam board. You start with installing the rigid foam board insulation and building a stud to hold in place the foam board which also gives room for wiring. It is the least expensive method but should not be used if you have any history of water.

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