Easy Come, Easy Go. By Eugene Meyer. This article appeared in the April 2005 Terrapin Institute issue. 

When diamondback terrapins thrived in the Bay, an enterprising man came to Crisfield and made a bundle on turtle soup. Like most booms, it went bust. 

About Terrapin Institute

The Terrapin Institute began in 1998 as a consortium of concerned citizens, scientists, resource managers, and educators dedicated to the understanding, persistence, and recovery of Diamondback Terrapins and other turtles through effective management, thorough research, and public outreach. We work to protect an abundance of adult turtle populations, preserve nesting and forage habitat, and improve recruitment. In return the terrapin has become the perfect metaphor for natural resource stewardship and public engagement; the face of estuarine restoration, and a gateway to the many wonders of our rich tidewater heritage.

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