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Market Validation Journey Begins Closed Sale Lead Generation Sales Enablement Lead Management Bay of Competitive Sea Monsters Sea of Delusion Quicksand Island of Fad Programs Phantom Ship of Missed Opportunities X ndemandadvisors Revenue On Demand Revenue Acceleration Map (without the usual detours) Revenue Acceleration Experts for Business-to-Business (B2B) Companies Building an Easy to Navigate Marketing-to-Sales Blueprint to Grow Revenue Revenue Acceleration Map c c Revenue Engineering Revenue Goals Revenue Results Communication Strategy TrueNorth Branding Program Selection Content Development Promotion Development Market Validation Market Segmentation Market Survey Competitive Analysis Target Audience Database List Building List Validation Joe Contact Buyer-Validated Messaging Messaging Workshop Core Messaging Document Impression Made Contact Lead Interest Expressed Marketing Accountability Best Practices MA Implementation Best Practices Implementation Sales Performance Coaching * Services Offered by On Demand Advisors Scorecard and Stage Development Drip Campaign Development Conversion Offers Marketing Automation Lead Qualification Lead Nurturing Lead Scoring & Grading Align with Buying Process Lead to Sales Process Map Ideal Customer Profile Sales Scripts/Messaging Objection Handling Sales Playbooks CRM Management Sales Presentations Datasheets Case Studies Battle Cards Sales Wiki Evaluation Completed Pain Exists Lead Opportunity Opportunity Customer Customer Proposal Submitted Access to Decision Maker Negotiation Completed Budget Exists Sale Closed Timeline Exists Email Social Media Advertising Events Demand Generation Engine SEO/PPC 800.208.5688 info@ondemandadvisors.com www.ondemandadvisors.com ndemandadvisors Revenue On Demand Experienced Lead Qualifiers Lead Qualification Scripts Market Definition Lead Management Sales Enablement Revenue Expansion Lead Generation 2 1 3 4 5 6 Market Sizing Market Surveys Competitive Analysis New Markets Geo-Selection & Sizing Direct vs Indirect Strategies New Geographies Ecosystem Mapping Partner Rankings Partner Success Amplification PRM Implementation Partner Ecosystem Customer Acquisition Process intelligentCMO Implementation Closed Loop Revenue Process Buyer-Driven Website Guided Buying Process GTM Strategy GTM Plan Development: New Customers Current Customers Partners Product Launch New Solutions Headquarters: 111 N. Market Street, Suite 300 San Jose, CA 95113 East Coast Office: 13194 US Highway 301 South, Suite 346 Riverview, FL 33578 Office: (800) 208-5688 www.ondemandadvisors.com On Demand Advisors partners with B2B Executives to ac- celerate revenue growth profitably and predictably. We help you develop, deliver and execute your go-to-market strategy. We literally help you engineer your revenue growth for new customer acquisition, customer upsell and cross sell, and your partner channels. We have created a unique approach for B2B Executives that leverages three areas revenue growth best practice areas to help you achieve significant revenue growth. Revenue Acceleration Methodology It begins with a revenue acceleration methodology which we call the Revenue Acceleration Map. The Map is a visual representation of B2B revenue growth best practices to enable you to scale your revenue with prescriptive certainty in a capital efficient manner. Each year for the past 10 years we update The Map to incorporate our serial learning, new breakthrough programs and innovative approaches to revenue growth. Collaborative Facilitated Process It is coupled with a collaborative process that we facilitate with you to understand your business "through your eyes", involve your team to understand what is missing and what is required compared to the Revenue Acceleration Map and an action- able plan that can be executed immedi- ately to achieve revenue growth. Appropriate Experience We have built successful public and private B2B companies. Advice is best taken from someone who has "walked in your shoes" and successfully built B2B companies at any stage. Also, given that we have helped over 200 B2B compa- nies and their management teams grow successfully we bring the best ideas and serial experience to the table for you to consider and implement. Our capital effi- cient approach helps you eliminate costly marketing and sales experimentation. Our Key Building Blocks to Revenue Growth Our proven methodology and comple- mentary services combine strategic build- ing blocks that help you grow revenue. 1. Revenue Engineeringmodel your growth plan for new customer acquisi- tion, customer upsell and cross sell and your partner channel 2. Market Definition and Validation understand and align with your buyer's buying process 3. Lead Generationcreate your demand generation engine and drive interest to your buyer-driven website 4. Lead Managementqualify and con- vert interest into sales opportunities 5. Sales Enablementsignificantly improve sales productivity and alignment with you buyer 6. Revenue Expansioncreate and execute on new revenue expansion op- portunities How Do You Get Started? We offer four ways to get started; choose which approach is right for you. Attend a Revenue Engineering Work- shopsign up today for your comple- mentary 3 hour Revenue Engineering Workshop. We will set up a time that is convenient for you so that we can discuss how you can engineer your revenue for new customer acquisition, current cus- tomer upsell and cross sell and partner- driven revenue. Attend a Public Workshopthroughout North America we offer interactive 6 hour Revenue Acceleration Workshops for Chief Executives. During these Workshops we will share with you the principals and proven methods behind the Revenue Acceleration Map. Equipped with these tools and framework you can apply them to your Company immediately. Contact us to determine when we will be conduct- ing a Revenue Acceleration Workshop in your area. Schedule a Private Workshopwe will collaborate with you to create your Revenue Acceleration Map specifically for your Company, management team and revenue goals. We conduct a two day onsite Workshop with your management team. After the Workshop you will receive a prioritized and actionable Revenue Ac- celeration Map that you can implement immediately to achieve your revenue goals. Engage on a Specific Projectif you have an immediate need or interest, it may make more sense to engage us to help you achieve a specific goal. Common ex- amples are delivering a specific number of sales qualified leads each month, con- ducting a market survey with your target audience for a new market, or delivering a buyer-driven website that educates and converts prospects into qualified buyers. Ready to get started? Contact us at (800) 208-5688 or send us an email at info@ ondemandadvisors.com to learn more about our services or to make a reservation for your Revenue Engineering or Revenue Acceleration Work- shop. Let us help you achieve your Revenue Goals! ndemandadvisors Revenue On Demand

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Publishing documents on edocr.com is a proven way to start demand generation for your products and services. Thousands of professionals and businesses publish marketing, sales, operations, customer service and financial documents making it easier for prospects and customers to find content, helping them to make informed decisions.

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