How to Forward AOL Mail?

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HOW TO FORWARD AOL MAIL? CONTACT DETAILS: Address : 5440 Millington RD, Columbus, OH 43235 Toll-Free Number : +1-855-676-7123 ABOUT AOL MAIL Since the year 1993, the American email service provides AOL is leading the market with its endless features and easy to dive into the interface. Instead of being American originated company, it serves around 120 countries in total. The AOL as a very organized outlook and hence using this email service is a seamless task for beginners but the point where most of the users stuck at is the email forwarding on AOL. We are providing the simplest way to forward email, even with or without attachments. HERE IS HOW YOU CAN FORWARD AN AOL EMAIL: Sign in to your AOL email account using your email id and password. Open the email you want to forward. Now hit the "Forward" button by clicking the downward error and enter the email of the recipient in "To" column. Type the message content in the email, if you want to add something, or leave it as it is if you want to send the exact same email. Now click on Send. IF YOU WANT TO RETRIEVE THE EMAIL USING OUTLOOK: OPEN THE AOL EMAIL INBOX AND SELECT "OPTIONS" TAB AT THE TOP RIGHT OF THE SCREEN. CHOOSE "MAIL SETTINGS". FROM THE LEFT-CORNER MENU CHOOSE "IMAP AND POP" AND COPY AND PASTE THE INFORMATION INTO THE NOTEPAD UNDER SECTION "IMAP SETUP INFORMATION". NEXT, LAUNCH THE OUTLOOK PROGRAM ON YOUR DEVICE. ON THE APPEARANCE OF THE STARTUP WIZARD, CLICK NEXT TWICE, AND YOU CAN SEE THE "E-MAIL ACCOUNTS". IF THE STARTUP WIZARD DOESN'T APPEAR ON ITS OWN YOU CAN GO TO "FILE">> "ACCOUNT SETTINGS">> "ADD ACCOUNT". NOW LOOK FOR THE "MANUALLY CONFIGURE SERVER SETTINGS OR ADDITIONAL SERVER TYPES" AND HIT THE NEXT BUTTON AND LET THE SERVICE PAGE APPEAR ON THE SCREEN. CLICK ON "INTERNET EMAIL" AND CLICK "NEXT". NOW TYPE THE ACCOUNT DETAILS YOU NOTED BEFORE IN STEP 2. NOW TAP ON "NEXT" AND LET OUTLOOK TRACK YOUR AOL ACCOUNT, HIT "CLOSE" AND THEN "FINISH". MS OUTLOOK FETCHES THE EMAIL DATABASE FROM AOL ACCOUNT AND SAVES IT TO YOUR OUTLOOK INBOX. USING APPLE MAIL: Make sure the email settings of your apple email account matches with the settings of AOL. Click Continue and then enter the information that you saved earlier. Unchecked the "Automatically Setup Account" if checked. Enter your AOL email in the respective field. Now open your Email program application. Hit the "File" menu and then "Add Account". Go to the inbox of AOL and explore the "Options" Tab and then the "Mail Settings". Tap on "IMAP and POP" from the menu at left and then save the information namely "IMAP Setup Information". Choose the "take Account Online" from the options and click Create. Now your AOL inbox emails will be directed to Apple email account. WITH AOL SUPPORT NUMBER This Is The Most Effective Way To Forward You AOL Inbox Email Data To Other Email Clients Such As Gmail, Apple Email And MS Outlook. The Experts Help You In The Moment Of Trouble, Call AOL Technical Support And Get Instant Support In Forwarding Your Emails From One AOL TO SOL Or AOL To Other Platforms. This Is The Most Ideal Way To Back Up Your AOL Database, One Must Forward The Important Information To Save It On Another Secure Platform. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING THIS PRESENTATION CONTACT DETAILS: Address : 5440 Millington RD, Columbus, OH 43235 Toll-Free Number : +1-855-676-7123

Dialing the AOL Support Number will resolve all your hassles you are facing while transferring or forwarding the AOL emails.

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