Auto Upholstery Training and Class Information

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Auto upholstery classes are typically offered through automotive technology training programs where students learn the fundamentals of automobile construction, design, repair and customization. List of Common Courses 1.Introduction to Auto Mechanics and Customization Course 2.Auto Frame and Body Construction Course 3.Beginning Auto Upholstery Course 4.Advanced Auto Upholstery Course 5.Independent Projects Course Introduction to Auto Mechanics and Customization Course This course provides an introductory framework into the layout, construction and customization of automobiles. Students gain a general understanding of the working components and makeup of a variety of vehicles. Auto Frame and Body Construction Course Before students can successfully design upholstery for automobiles, they must possess a detailed understanding of frame and body design. Through a combination of classroom teaching and hands-on training, students learn important aspects of the structural construction of automobiles as well as being able to inspect and repair framework issues. Beginning Auto Upholstery Course This course addresses the basics of upholstery design, problem diagnosis and the effective modification, replacement and repair of upholstery. Students learn how to effectively cut, stitch and fit material for various types of seating in cars, trucks, vans and motorcycles. Emphasis is placed on learning principles of design and sewing machine operation. Advanced Auto Upholstery Course Students continue to increase their knowledge of upholstery design and installation with the discussion of carpet insertion, vinyl top installation, convertible top repair and advanced upholstery construction techniques


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