ERP for Manufacturing Industry

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ERP for Manufacturing Industry 1 ERP for Manufacturing Industry A manufacturing firm processes raw materials to produce finished goods. Manufacturing firms can be small, medium and large scale They can make plastic toys, leather bags, rubber tyres, iron rods, etc 2 Problems of the Manufacturing Industry in India  Inventory mismanagement – inaccurate information; overstocking, understocking, inventory theft  Shipment tracking – outgoing goods are untracked; untimely deliveries; dissatisfied customers  Inconsistent quality – Huge discrepancy in quality; no optimal way of measurement; piles of factory rejected goods 3 Cloud ERP  ERP for Manufacturing Industry is a software which integrates processes such as inventory management, order management, accounting, human resource, and customer relationship management (CRM) into one complete system.  Cloud feature allows data access on the go.  It makes the entire business operations free of surplus procedures 4 Benefits Of ERP For Manufacturing Industry In India  Leaving the competition behind – Latest technology; industry leading; helps in outperforming the competition.  Streamlining the business – Bigger business requires simplistic operations; cloud ERP eliminates surplus procedure; makes the business processes optimally operational 5 Benefits Of ERP For Manufacturing Industry In India  Live data access – accurate and prompt data collection; data analysis for multiple purposes; verification of reports; prompt decisions  Consistent quality – batch inspection of products, reports for faulty products, rectification suggestions  Greater profits – Long term smart investment; huge ROI; maximization of resources and profits 6 Benefits Of ERP For Manufacturing Industry In India  Market research – data analysis to reveal market nuances; helps in the development of strategies; better product placements; hitting the target audience. 7 THANK YOU 8

Expand ERP provides fully integrated ERP software for the small/mid-sized manufacturing industry


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