Science Lab Furniture for Enhanced Functionality

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THE IMPORTANCE OF QUALITY SCIENCE LAB FURNITURE FOR ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY INTRODUCTION All science laboratories – ranging from school labs to professional biotechnology laboratories – require specialized work environments and furniture that support their work. To cater to the professionals and the unique work environment in these labs, the furniture needs to be customized. These labs are generally characterized by the use of hazardous materials such as chemicals and other substances, demanding great care in handling them. The furniture, specially science lab tables need to accommodate such specific conditions and needs. THE NECESSITY OF SPECIALIZED SCIENCE LAB FURNITURE In different science laboratories like medical and bio-technology labs, the experiments and classes are often conducted in a classroom setting. Depending on the specific applications, the style and size of the furniture required will greatly vary. To facilitate the use of harsh chemicals and other toxic substances, the lab tables are manufactured of materials that are resistant to them. Further, in order to facilitate the various processes in a science laboratory, the furniture is available in various configurations like lockers, lab carts, lab racks, science lab tables, laboratory desks and much more. Most laboratory furniture pieces are made of stainless steel to ensure the durability and strength of the furniture. Some furniture pieces are made of heavy duty, sturdy plastic too. This guarantees that the hazardous wastes and chemicals can be used and disposed of properly. Such specialized features make furniture pieces suitable for application in science lab environments, facilitating students and professionals in working and enhancing the productivity of the place. The use of furniture suitable for such environments also keeps the people working in the lab protected from excessive exposure to the hazardous chemical-based substances. UNIQUE FEATURES OF LABORATORY TABLES To obtain the best results from an experiment, one requires both – the right tools and the right space. In a lab environment, having the right apparatus and the proper furniture pieces can be the difference between a successful and a failed experiment. The use of proper lab tables provides the required surface for experiments and also provides space to store devices and tools. To provide comfort to the workers and maximize workplace efficiency, a science lab table is equipped with various beneficial features. Some of the key features of these tables include: 1. Adjustable height tables A microscope is a common piece of apparatus in a science lab. While using a microscope, it is necessary to ensure that you level the eye accurately to get a precise look of the specimen. Since several people use a single microscope, it can be difficult to achieve this when they have varying heights. With the use of adjustable height science lab tables, the researchers can simply adjust the height of the table to ensure that the microscope is at a suitable level. 2. Stainless Steel Work Table with Lift System Stainless steel is a popular building material as it offers superior strength and great durability. The corrosion resistance offered by the material makes it a suitable choice for lab benches. These offer a smooth and sturdy work surface and facilitate scientific experiments and functionalities. In laboratories, specimens often need to be inspected and examined from various angles. The lift function of the stainless steel lab table facilitates researchers in achieving various angles easily. 3. Emission Filters Many metal tables are equipped with emission filters to control the fumes from experiments involving various solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals. These tables equipped with fume filters are made from materials that are resistant to chemicals and corrosive materials. To offer maximum functionality, these laboratory tables have air filters along with air flow monitor and meter. 4. Surface Options Based on the nature of the materials used in the laboratory, the style and surface of the tables can be easily customized. Surface treatments like plastic laminates prevents the table from scratches. Similarly, phenolic surfaces offer resistance against standard chemicals. A popular choice for labs is epoxy resin that offers resistance to common chemicals, heat and moisture as well. 5. Storage Features Like any other workplace, laboratories also have certain storage needs. For this, many lab benches feature storage space options. Commonly, these tables have an upper shelf where researchers can store important chemicals, tools and specimen. This makes the materials easily accessible to the researchers for the experiment since they are kept just on top of the table. HOW TO CHOOSE A SCIENCE LAB TABLE? Since laboratory tables offer a wide range of beneficial features, selecting the best one for your particular workplace can be a difficult task. In order to maximize comfort, productivity and efficiency, it is necessary to select the best option. Here are some tips that will help you pick the best lab table possible:  The Size of the Table When choosing a table, always ensure that the size of the table is suitable as per the size of the laboratory. It is essential to measure the size of the room when choosing a table so that it fits perfectly and doesn’t hinder movement. Always ensure that the table can be moved into the laboratory easily, through the doors and hallways.  Surface Finish There are various surfaces finishes available, as already discussed above. It is always advised that you should consider the primary materials used in your workplace and choose a surface finish accordingly. This will ensure that the chemicals and toxins with which your table comes in contact with does not cause damage to the table surface.  Consider the Features You Need You table requirements will be greatly dictated by how you plan to use the table and for what purpose. You should consider what features you want in your table like laminar airflow, fume hoods, storage shelfs etc. If you are purchasing the tables for an educational space, you must ensure that the tables satisfy the needs of the students and comply with the necessary ADA standards. It is important to ensure that the table is durable in nature and lasts for years. While it is necessary to take into consideration the surface of the table, you should also check the material used for other parts of the table like its legs, as it effects the overall strength of the table. CONCLUSION Workplace furniture is a costly investment. This is why one should always select specialized furniture that offers the best performance. Always stick to renowned furniture manufacturers that have experience in manufacturing industrial and laboratory furniture. This will guarantee that the furniture is suitable for the harsh working environments. A reputed manufacturer will offer you durable furniture that will provide a great return on investment.

RDM Industrial Products Inc. supplies specialized furniture for science laboratories that facilitate experiments and can withstand the harsh conditions. Durable furniture with height adjustability, lift system, emission filters and storage and surface options ensure maximum productivity of the workplace.


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