The edocr team has been hard at work developing new and exciting updates for you. After the first of the year, we’ll unveil a completely redesigned website. Shortly after the launch of the redesign, my.edocr and edocr will merge into one site.

Continue to use the my.edocr beta testing site until the sites merge, as many new features have been released recently, including:

  • my.edocr marketplace - Earn money from your content.

  • Embed - You can now embed your documents to your website.

  • Collections - Capability to control a group or folder of documents.

New features to come!

  • Watermarking options

  • Additional privacy & security settings

  • Contributor accounts

  • Additional metrics and analytics 

About edocr

edocr & my.edocr are committed to making your documents work harder for you every day!  If you build a great profile page, with links to social media and your website, you make our job of helping you so much easier!

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