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What Happens When Leaks Are Left Unaddressed? All it takes is one tiny leak to contribute to a much bigger problem if the initial leak isn't properly addressed. This is just one reason why you'll want to be proactive about leak detection in Fort Worth, TX, and nearby areas. Leaving leaks unaddressed could also damage your home or cause rust to develop on your pipes and fixtures. In some cases, not calling on professional leak detectors from Service Squad Plumbing to search for a suspected leak could result in costly damage to your foundation or erode concrete. The Causes of Leak Issues Some leaks, like the ones that result in that annoying drip, drip, drip, are caused by faucets and related parts that are worn out or damaged. Leaks requiring attention from our skilled Fort Worth, TX, leak detectors may also be related to the following sources:  High water pressure  Shifts affecting your foundation  Corrosion, especially if you have older pipes or ones made of copper or galvanized steel  Temperature fluctuations As it's not always easy to tell what's causing a leak issue without special equipment, provide professional assistance. Our trained technicians will pinpoint the problem and offer a sensible, cost-effective solution. The Dangers That Leaks Pose to Your Home Not immediately calling on a leak detection specialist from Service Squad Plumbing can contribute to some dangers in and around your home you may not be aware of. In some instances, leaks may contribute to mold issues that could present some serious health- related risks for anyone in your home. Leaks can also stain your walls and even contribute to poor water quality. The worst possible thing that could happen to your home because of a leak that's not properly taken care of is flooding. Just one pipe that's weak because of a leak can be the source of a lot of costly damage to your home. Leak Detection from Service Squad Plumbing The leak detection services available from Service Squad Plumbing can provide immediate peace of mind. In addition to the detection of household leaks inside of your home, we also do slab leak detection. Finding leaks under slabs is especially important since leaks not unaddressed under concrete can lead to thousands of dollars in foundation-related damage. Our certified, fully trained, and carefully screened leak detection specialists have the resources and skills required to detect and correct both smaller and more extensive leaks. By relying on our leak detection services, you'll benefit from knowing that all leak issues have been fully addressed. You'll also benefit from our fair pricing and careful attention to detail. Contact Us Today Our experts in leak detection in Fort Worth, TX, and nearby areas from Service Squad Plumbing are ready to get to work for you. From hidden leaks in walls to slab leak detection, we've got all your leak detection bases covered. Contact us today at 817-952-9278 for our leak detection services. Get more information, please visit https://servicesquad.com/


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